Why a Good Day People Hamper Is a Better Gift Than a Red Balloon Voucher

But seriously…do people still gift those anymore?

Yes, we know, you can’t cash in a hamper for a swim with the sharks, or a hot air balloon ride or a deep sea fish (but if you try…please film it!). Believe it or not, that was sort of part of the plan. And here’s why: not everyone WANTS to go for a swim with the sharks, or a hot air balloon ride or a deep sea fish. You know what everyone does want to do? EAT! How fortunate, then, that you’ve landed on this website, where every hamper on offer gives you the chance to do just that! And in case you’re the one person on the planet who doesn’t love to eat (are you the reason the expression, you either live to eat or eat to live exists?!), we have a really fun and varied selection of drinks; alcoholic, alcohol-free and artisan available within our range of hampers. 

And although we are not willing any viruses to show their faces anytime in the near (or even very far) future, our hampers are pandemic-proof! You’ve still gotta eat in a pandemic, right?! Might as well make it things you enjoy, from places you can’t even visit during lockdowns with disposable income that may have increased in lieu of visits to restaurants and cafes that can’t be made. It is a much safer alternative than to have your arrangements postponed and then postponed again because of the unpredictable landscape of activity-doing and plan-making. If all the government will let you do during the worst of a pandemic is have a picnic with a very small group of people, then guess what? Our hampers will make the perfect addition to your outing. 

The idea is to do things that break your circuit - that’s a good gift. Surely, if you live in Brisbane, the notion of taking a cruise on the Brisbane River is a boring one by now. Or if in Melbourne, visiting the Peninsula Hot Springs, or doing a wine tour if in South Australia. That’s just a normal Wednesday, right? Forego the river cruise gift in favour of our Good Day People hampers Brisbane. Same with you, Melbourne. And wherever you live in this great country. 

We’re a small business supporting small businesses - all operating within the Land Down Unda’. It’s really important to us to support our fellow small businesses, knowing firsthand how much grit and endurance is needed to stay the course and continue producing quality goods that make it into your hands. We also know that the Australian way is one of integrity, hard work and community-mindedness. Knowing that there’s room for all of us and being able to give each other a leg up is exactly our definition of a Good Day! Tall Poppy Syndrome is so passé. 

So is it worth the $9.99 standard shipping cost to deliver one of these bad boys to you (or the recipient of your choosing), wherever you are in Australia? 


Think about it. By getting your hands on any one of our hampers to gift to someone, you are giving them a selection of quality Aussie-made goods that hail from different parts of the country that would cost way more for them to travel to and collectively, probably would not even be possible. We stand by our assurance that we provide exactly what our brand suggests we do; a good day!

A flight from Western Australia to Central Victoria, where the vineyard that Minimum Wines creates their premium wines in resides, will cost you a little more than $9.99. You may not get the full Cellar Door experience this way, but what you will get is morsels of quality goods produced in other parts of Australia in the same hamper. 

We have also saved you relationships, nights slept on the couch and severe loss of brownie points by developing a subscription service through which you may organise an automated delivery of your gift hamper at the same time every year. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries…any celebratory event that repeats itself and that you have often gotten into trouble for forgetting in the past. We cannot rescue you from the wrath of forgotten occasions from years gone past, but we can make sure it never happens again by being your rememberer for you. Your number #1 site for experiences may be an excellent gift for some, but it won’t keep you out of the doghouse by remembering the celebratory occasion for you - we checked. 

The perfect gift comes in the form of one of our hampers Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle….wherever you reside, promising a Good Day with our selection of goodies inside each one and our top notch customer service.