Hi, we’re Jacob and SJ. And there’s only so much bread you can make in lockdown.

Sorry to take you back to the dread days of the C-word. But it’s the very reason we’re here today.

Out of sheer boredom, we started what we thought what was a side hustle to pass the time. Curating boxes filled with the kind of luxury, high-end goodies we’d want from a gift hamper. Shortbread be gone!

That was just over 40,000 boxes ago.

Turns out, people were really craving a gifting service that took the ‘gift’ part a little more seriously. From chocolate and wine to coffee and bath products, every item that goes into our boxes is carefully hand-picked from locally-owned small businesses - just like us. If you can get it on the shelf at Woolies, you’re not likely to find it here (no offence to the Fresh Food People).

Now, we’re on a mission to spread joy, generosity and flavoured gin far and wide, one bougie box at a time. Whatever your taste, budget or occasion, we’ve got you sorted. If not? Get in touch and let us help you out.

Welcome to Good Day People, Gifting made Good.