Here at Good Day People we believe that you’re better than giving a hideous hamper *gross*. We at the Good Day People offer customisable gift options to suit your needs with the option of customisable packaging. To learn more about how we can help, click HERE. To qualify for a corporate order we require a minimum order of 20. If you aren't able to meet this quantity our website allows for multiple orders to be shipped to multiple addresses in the one transaction - it's so easy!

Your business is our business, so we would love to know what you’re looking for. Please fill out this form, which will take 1 minute, and one of our friendly Good Day People will get back to you within the next 24 - 48hrs. Alternatively, you can email us HERE. Do note for customised packaging we require a minimum order of 50 packs with a turn around of 4 - 6 weeks. 

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You’re better than gifting that old generic hamper.

You know the one; cellophane and wicker, dry biscuits and tubs of jam. It was no fun to send and it was no fun to receive.

We are here to introduce some sexiness to corporate gift hampers. Why not give something worth receiving to your team this time around? We are talkin’ craft beer, stone ground chocolate, whiskey, handmade leather coasters… It’s like someone went to all the boutique and boujee artisans around the world and picked out the most niche products they could find. Hint: we did. You don’t have to. It takes you just a few minutes to organise a gift that looks like it took you days to curate.

The best part is that it can actually feel just like you. Whether you’re deeply introspective, a little bit quirky, or straight down the line, the possibilities are endless because our corporate gift hampers are completely customisable to suit your specific needs. Are your recipients more into their bath salt and journaling, or tins of beer, pork crackling and beef jerky? Our corporate hampers actually have a sense of personality to them so that this gift feels distinctly ‘you’. Hell, even the packaging is customisable with five custom designs to give it that extra pop. The best gifts are always those that reflect something of the giver. These corporate hampers feel less like a business gift and more like something from a friend. And you barely have to lift a finger. The best of both worlds!

We’ve been spreading genuine cheer with these hampers for many years now. With a client list that includes the likes of American Express, Amazon, The Iconic and Spotify, it is fair to say we’ve got this down to a fine art that satisfies some of the biggest companies on the planet. We don’t want to sound cocky, but we know we can deliver some vibes for you this Christmas, EOFY or whatever compulsion takes you to send something they will actually enjoy.

Get in touch, and give the gift of a Good Day to your people.

Let’s get down to the details:

  • A corporate order requires a minimum order of 20 hampers. Not planning on going that large this Christmas? We’ve still got you covered. Our website allows you to ship multiple hampers to different addresses all in the one order.
  • For customised packaging, a minimum of 50 hampers is required. There is a 4-6 week turnaround on production, so don’t wait until Christmas Eve. Santa’s elves can only work so fast.
  • To learn more about how we can help with your corporate hampers, complete the form above and one of our friendly Good Day People will get back to you within the next 24 - 48hrs. There is a very real possibility that too much cheer might be spread with some of these hampers. We here at Good Day People feel compelled to remind you to drink responsibly. But y’know, not too responsibly…