New Mum

If giving birth was easy, then men would do it, and as far as we are concerned, giving birth makes you a hero. And you deserve all the pampering that can physically come your way over the next few months as you keep a tiny human alive.

That pampering - though beautifully intentioned - can sometimes miss the mark. They probably don’t need another swaddle or bamboo sleepsuit. These women need to feel human again. And the best way to do that is with a new mum gift box. Here are just a few strong options to celebrate the new mama in your world and to help her feel like the rocking woman she is.

First up, there is the Birthing Bernie. We love including alcohol free cocktails in a new mum hamper so she can feel like she’s part of the action. And it’s all natural, no artificial flavours and colouring. Tastes good and feels good! Then we have lactation cookie mix to keep the milk a-flowing, which is about as good a reason as you’ll find to eat cookies. The hand poured plant based candle will just help mama find a moment of peace and serenity in and amongst the craziness. Then for the bub, we’ve thrown in an organic muslin wrap and a dribble bib to keep their clothes nice and dry (cutting down on their laundry is a godsend). This new mum hamper truly covers all bases!

Next up is the Delivered Diana. This new mum gift box looks to help mama bounce back to herself as soon as possible. It asks - nay, requires - her to take a minute to herself with a bath scrub made up of native Australian ingredients and essential oils.The mood is enhanced with her 100% soy wax candle with natural fragrances. It is a long slow exhale for this new mum. We’ve thrown in stone ground chocolate from West Oz, belly oil made up of antioxidants and essential oils to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. After this luxurious soak, she can take a pot of Mayde tea, full of vitamin C and antioxidants to support her immunity in these early stages. This new mum hamper will be gratefully received by any woman looking to feel herself again.

Take a browse through each new mum gift box to find the best choice for the new mum in your world.

Here’s to you, new mums.
We salute you!