Melbourne Gift Hampers


When it is a city so extraordinary that all seasons are desperate to pay it a visit on any given day, we know we would be remiss not to tap into the cultural abundance of Melbourne when constructing our hampers. It is because this city is brimming with some of the best representation of food from around the world (we see you, Lygon Street and Brunswick), the best coffee anyone from anywhere has likely ever tasted (us included) and galleries of artworks that are not contained to their buildings but spill out on to the streets and alleyways of the burgeoning city. 

Melbourne, we’re yet to find anything that we don’t love about you. 

We have gift hampers, Melbourne, that are comparable to the impressive produce of your city, and at times even incorporate them. Wanna know some of the goods we just could not look past that hail from your fine city? Here’s a few:

Minimum Wine - Ok, in all fairness this wine is not produced in Melbourne specifically, but just outside in Goulburn Valley, Central Victoria.This organic wine born out of a small family vineyard was impossible to discount in a large variety of our hampers.

Mixed Bag - this is a favourite of any of our hampers Melbourne that it is included in. You will find their Original Sticky Masala Chai and Original Drinking Chocolate in a range of the Good Day People hampers. The company was founded and run by a Melbourne Mum, Anna, who makes small batch blends of these delicious hot beverage concoctions using only natural, premium ingredients. 

Banks Botanicals - again, not a Melbourne-specific product, but hailing from Healesville in the incomparable Yarra Valley in Victoria. This is a non-alcoholic spirit that is made from the beautiful botanics from the Australian bush. It boasts a flavour profile robust enough to hold its own regardless of whether it is mixed with alcoholic varieties or non. 

Adelia - at this point we think we’ll just count Melbourne and Victoria as the same, ok? At least for the point of the exercise. Either way, Adelia is a delicious inclusion in our gift hampers Melbourne. The husband and wife team (Adam and Amelia) are based out of Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsular. Our Brunchin’ Betty hamper would not be complete without their staple Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix. 

Take a look at our range of hampers, Melbourne! As we are in the business of making it a Good Day for you all, we are sure that our selection of goods will not disappoint our bougie Melbourn-ites. And if they do, well, be sure to visit our suggestion box on your way out.