Supporting Small Business: The Birthday Gift That Keeps on Giving

If a hamper wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when thinking about what to gift your nearest and dearest, or even your furthest and most disliked for their birthdays, we don’t blame you. But spoiler; it’s about to be. Enter: us. If we have topsy-turvied all existing notions you have about what a hamper is when you visit our site, then we have done our jobs. We are doing away with wicker baskets, brands of chocolate no one has ever heard of, filler products and packets of nuts that are about to reach their expiration date. Instead, prepare to associate the word with top-of-the-range products, quality food and goods that people will actually get excited about. Tubes are the new wicker baskets, and we are 

Birthday hampers are about to be the first idea you have, instead of the last, every time you are in need of a gift idea. 

If one of your passions in life (besides being exceptionally good at gift giving) includes supporting small Aussie businesses, then we are about to be your BFF. This is an addiction we are very happy to enable. Most of the goods in our selection of hampers come from hard-working small businesses around Australia that produce high-quality food, beverages and other wares. We have been completely spoilt for choice in terms of the great selection of small businesses and their products that has been made available for us to choose from. 

Wanna get to know some of the vendors that supply us with the goods you’re coming to know and love through our hamper range? It means a lot for us to be able to support them during the havoc that has been wreaked on small business industry over the last few years. 

Your support of us is directly supporting these guys too. It’s the Aussie way. It’s our way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Come and get to know the brands behind the goods!

Anvil Hide leatherworks specialises in just that; leather. The ethos behind the business is to make wares from premium leather sourced within Australia and the world’s best tanneries, that will age well - just like a fine wine. Working from Sydney to create timeless and high-quality pieces that will not only last but actually get better with age. You will find the Anvil Hide Tochigi Keyfob within our Active Aaron and Nocturnal Nick hampers. 

Banks Botanicals is a non-alcoholic spirit made within the beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria. The spirit incorporates five Australian botanicals, to give the mixer a rich and sophisticated profile. The ingredients are sourced and infused locally, where each ingredient is distilled individually to ensure their integrity is not compromised in the process. Their distilling processes are methodically slow, allowing for a textural dpeth and complexity that can not be captured any other way. You can find a bottle of the Banks Botanicals non-alcoholic spirits within our Humorous Henry hamper!

Port Willunga Fine Foods Fleurieu Olives is a crowd favourite. The olives are grown straight out of the Fleurieu (no surprises there) in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia, they’re known for being fruity in flavour and meaty in texture. The team that run Port Willunga Fine Foods picks seasonally, to ensure that their produce is at its peak when it hits your plate. We have included their must-try kalamata olives in many of our hampers, including Hunky Hank, Handy Andy, Brilliant Bianca, Perky Pam, Dependable Dave and Addictive Alex. What did we tell you? A crowd favourite! 

Here’s a mouthful: Hartshorn Vanilla Bean Infused Vanilla Whey Liqueur. We can tell you from experience however, it’s a delicious one! The Hartshorn Distillery creates this liqueur out of Tasmania. As they share land with Grandvewe Cheeses, they were invested in the idea of finding a way (whey) to repurpose the excess that was thrown out during the cheesemaking process. Enter: the incorporation of whey as palatabl alcohol, and the subsequent inclusion of the word in many of the spirits they concoct. Our Sweet Sunny, Tinsel Terry and Alcoholic Alan hampers contain the Hartshorn Vanilla Whey Liqueur. You’ve gotta get your hands on any of them for this liqueur alone. This is a birthday tipple to end all tipples!

Snuggle Hunny works out of Rouse Hill, NSW to bring beautifully designed baby wares into homes. Their range is extensive, including bespoke prints that have been made in collaboration with artists, and turned into swaddles, clothing, accessories and wraps, among other things. The business’ aesthetic focus is on Australiana and the natural world, as well as on implementing ethical and sustainable approaches to their fabric choices and production processes. Some of our hampers include their organic cotton muslin wrap and dribble bib. This is one of those birthday hampers for bub that Mum can enjoy too! You can find pieces from their range in our Pregnant Polly, Doula Tula and Birthing Bernie


If it’s a birthday they have, it’s a hamper you want. Ours, more specifically! Come and have a look at the full range of birthday hampers on our site, and if you’re spoilt for choice (we know, what a problem) then get ‘em a gift card and they can choose their own.