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Brisbane Gift Baskets

Queenslanders: you’re the part of our ripper country that the rest of us love to gently rift for being the sole reason we still get a bad rap for being ‘bogan’ (would it kill you to say ‘you’ instead of ‘you’se’?! It’s actually less letters). We would never admit, even under pressure, that you are the subject of our begrudging envy in the depths of winter (depths, obviously being a relative term) when you are still baking on the beach while we’re layering with light sweaters and wondering for another year running if it’s acceptable to wear Ugg boots outside the house (we don’t live in the bogan capital, after all). To complete this picture of subtropic bliss; we want to submit our A-grade hampers to you for your consideration. Whether it is to treat yourself or to send to a loved one, we are envisioning a craft beer or gin cocktail from one of our hampers to enjoy at literally any time of the year - because the sun loves you the most. 

Ok. So let us really paint the idyllic picture for you with our top-notch selection of bevvies.

Craft beers: 

As the name most heavily implies, Beery Barry has got you sorted with all your craft beer desires. This is one of our hampers Brisbane, that it’d practically be unpatriotic of you to bypass. Let us show you how much we’re not kidding. Stocked with Garage Project Bliss, Yulli’s Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA, Colonial Brewing Co Pale Ale and Philter Brewing Co XPA, your arvo cold ones are sorted for the foreseeable future. Seriously if you’re not frothing over these frothies I would go so far as to accuse you of not being a Queenslander.


If you’ve never heard of Dirty Water, this is an ignorant spell you need to break. Dirty Water is the light and calorie-conscious way to drink; whether it be at barbecues, beachside or at any one of the 73 house parties you get invited to throughout the year. Of all our hampers Brisbane, the Beachy Bella has your city and state written all over it.

And you can’t enjoy your year-round access to sunshine without a margarita, can you? The Strangelove Salted Grapefruit Mixer is unconventional, as far as margaritas go, but worth your curiosity. Go on, indulge it. 


We did not insult you by going light on the selection of spirits in our gift hampers, Brisbane. with Poor Toms, which has a selection that includes Gin & Tonic, Negroni Spritz, 

For those who need to feel the effects long after the beverage has been downed, La Gritona Tequila has come to the party in our Tequila Tom hampers, Brisbane (aptly named, huh?).

We’ve also got Poor Tom’s Sydney Dry Gin in our Casual Clare hamper for the serious sippers. Taylor & Smith’s offerings of bottled cocktails were a selection that we couldn’t discount from our hampers. You’ll find them in gift hampers, Brisbane, that include Perky Pam, Hunky Hank and Covid Karen.