You’ve Got Mail

People aren’t huge fans of sending things anymore. We don’t really ever send or receive letters in the mail; whether from our friends or lovers. Texting is quicker, and requires less effort generally. But don’t you miss it? If you had hit your teenage years during the 90s and early 2000s, you would probably be across the chain mail spam that used to hit your MSN Messenger or Hotmail account, inviting you (really, threatening you) to join the phenomenon of acquiring a pen pal from anywhere in the world in order to prevent bad things from happening to you. Safe? Questionable. Charming? Absolutely. 

Sure, digital is the way of the future, transforming the way in which we interact with the world, blah blah blah. But we’re not opposed to the nostalgia of a little analog in the world. And if that means you send a hamper to someone; whether as a thank you, congratulations, happy birthday, or the classic (and failproof) ‘I love you’ over an e-voucher, we think that’s a nice touch! Don’t worry though, we carry gift cards too, for those who spare no thought for nostalgia! Just do us a favour? Since we’re on the topic of charming old school things, why don’t you chuck it in an envelope and still send it via snail mail? We’re telling you; though you may not be there to gauge their reaction, it will be amplified by any effort that extends beyond sending a file to an email. 

“There’s no such thing as a bad gift”, said any person who has not received IOU massage vouchers as a present (you know who you are!). And whilst we can be open-minded about what constitutes a good gift, for us, a little thought goes a long way! Sending anything is a personal touch we think transcends the ages. No matter how digitized the world gets, receiving a gift by way of postal service or courier doesn’t go out of style! Those thank you hampers will become more sincere by the gesture. 

We will never be over the thrill of receiving a letter in the mail. (I mean, let’s face it: we’ve referenced it three times already). That said, we’re also realists. Anyone who is sitting at their mailbox with baited breathe, waiting for a letter that they have no real reason to hope for, thinks they are a part of a romantic film set during World War II. So maybe let’s make a hamper the new nostalgic communication of sentiments? Let’s go online and organise to send ‘I Love You’ hampers and ‘Thank You’ hampers to their worthy recipients, so that their day becomes significantly better by the random realisation that they are being thought of. With an opportunity to include a written message at the checkout, the hamper does not have to replace the written sentiments. ‘Cause sometimes you can have it all, you know?

The fun part about receiving a letter in the mail is that for the most part, you probably were not expecting it. Well, as with a letter, sending someone a Good Day People hamper is going to light up their day by the gesture as well as the unexpectedness of it all! 

What we’re really saying is: effort is key. Not, of course, to undermine any gesture that is made with minimal thought and preparation behind it (a gesture is still a gesture, after all). But the thoughtfulness nehind the gesture will often trump the gesture itself. The old sages weren’t wrong: it really is the thought that counts. 

So whilst we are all about the internet, and how accessible it makes the world and convenient it makes basically everything, we still can’t help but believe in the old school charm of a gift sent to someone without their knowing. 

As effort is the rack we keep hanging our hat on, we have given you some flexibility around what is included in your hamper. Essentially: the more personalised it appears, the better you do. Between choices of different alcohol (or the option of alcohol-free), and the ability to include add-ons of different products that are featured in other Good Day People hampers, the opportunity to nail the preferences of the recipient is entirely within your hands. Even the choice of packaging is up to you!

It’s all very circa 1990s; never-to-be-repeated romantic comedies like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, Julia Roberts and Richard Gear in Runaway Bride and Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. Movies that all centre around great feats of effort to deliver a message (usually devout love, given the genre), to a very eager recipient. Even if it isn’t to scream “I LOVE YOU IN A WAY THAT MIGHT BE CONSTRUED AS HEAVILY CO-DEPENDENT!”, do your message-sending the grand way - it’ll never lose it’s charm. Meanwhile, we’re off to indulge our 90s chick flick nostalgia, ‘cause they just don’t make them like this anymore.