The Anti-Tall Poppy Syndrome Approach: Supporting Small

Do you know what we would like to eradicate from the Australian cultural tapestry? Tall Poppy Syndrome. We’re not into it. And because we like to follow statements with actions, you will find the evidence of this stance in the kinds of businesses we stock the goods of in our hampers. Small businesses. As a fellow small business, we are about them. We know the toil that goes into building a business as an idea written on a coffee-stained napkin to something that brings in revenue, and how much support means to us in our respective ventures. 

We are so hellbent on living up to our name that we are determined to attempt to make it a Good Day for you (the customer), the recipients of your gift hampers, and where possible, as many small businesses around Australia as we are able. Which in turn, makes it a Good Day for us. Examples of small businesses that we currently support include: Bahen & Co chocolate, Minimum wine, Barrel One coffee, Misty’s Salted Caramel, Fluffe, Drunken Sailor and Wondaree macademia nuts.

Truthfully, we are very proud to be able to continue supporting these businesses, who produce perishable goods of the highest quality, utilising the resources of our beautiful natural tapestry. We make Australian gift hampers that support Australian small businesses who support us by letting us fill our hampers with their goods. We are pro support…can you tell? 

Let us tell you a little about some of these businesses whose products we incorporate into our hampers, and why they are worth our continued business!

Bahen & Co: a prime example of the fact that Australia can make chocolate well! Many of our Australian gift hampers incorporate this Western Australian-produced chocolate, and with good reason! Jacqui and Josh Bahen are the founders that we find ourselves indebted to for creating such quality chocolate. Their secret lies in their old-time technique of making stone ground chocolate from bean to bar via a chocolate machine that operates slowly to preserve the taste of ‘distant places’. The factory operates out of the family farm in Western Australia’s Margaret River, with a resolve to continually exceed Fair Trade standards by paying farmers directly and at a price that reflects their efforts. We, too, respect the process of Bahen & Co’s chocolate making, and are very enthusiastic customers of their delicious products!

Misty’s Salted Caramel: the business was founded by the self-professed ‘Queen Caramel Chef’, Misty. It is highly unusual to foster the kind of success that she has out of a singular product, especially in the perishables industry, but she lives to be the exception and not the rule. Misty took a leap in leaving her day job and turning a beloved hobby and gift-giving solution into a business. And boy, did it not disappoint. Misty’s Salted Caramel is, at present, stocked in 200+ stores around Australia, Singapore and the UAE, with no signs of slowing down. As it is now such an iconic sweet spread in Australia, we are thrilled to stock her product in a variety of our Good Day People hampers.

Drunken Sailor Canning Co: The business’ manifesto is to bring ‘a bit of humour to the table’. The creators have made a business out of producing small batch Australian made preserves. The company is most well known for its jams, coming in drool-worthy flavours like pear, vanilla & whisky (I mean, come on), pineapple, coconut & rum and spiced cranberry & port. Does it get anymore Australian than birthing a business idea over a couple of bottles of wine of a night? We think not. Drunken Sailor is a very fun addition to our Australian gift hampers. 

Barrel One: located on the paradise peninsular that is the Northern Beaches of Australia, Barrel One Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting house that serves up some of the best coffee around the beaches. These guys take their craft seriously. They source some of the rarest and finest coffees from around the world. The business has committed to backing farmer Co-operatives or Estates which implement inter-cropping systems to be able to provide an income from the land and be able to live off it, making it self-sustaining. They also make it a priority to participate in Direct Trade business practices, which provides fair economic viability to the independent farmers involved in the production of Barrel One’s roasted coffee. Their Cold Brew cans are a popular inclusion in some of our hampers!

We can only assume it is a good feeling to be able to purchase gifts that support many local businesses around the country; we certainly know it is for us! By purchasing any of our Australian gift hampers, you are not only supporting the ventures of many true blue, salt-of-the-earth Australians, but the ethical way in which they conduct their business. Tall Poppy Syndrome: be gone.