Un-Mix Your Messages

Have you got a message you need to send to a loved one? Someone probably famous once said that a picture tells a thousand words. Good Day People says pictures and words don’t count unless they’re backed up with presents. Thankfully, we’re in the business of presents. So whatever your message is, put your money (not your pictures) where your mouth is and we’ll deliver your message for you. Here’s a few ways to make your message land exactly where you want it to. 


There are as many reasons to congratulate people as there are stars in the sky…or so it seems. A congratulations hamper will really let them know you mean it. We have a whole section dedicated to the various ways you can tell someone congratulations through our contemporary hampers. Every personality and palette is catered for with a wide array of hampers, where most are filled with a selection of goods from small businesses local to Sydney. Delivered Diana is exactly the conservative party you’d expect from a Congratulations…You Had a Baby! hamper. With a choice of rosé or non-alcoholic wine, chocolate (duh), body scrub and candle among the inclusions of the hamper, this new Mum will be revelling in your sweet sentiments for days on end.


Ever thought about sending thank you hampers? Now that we’ve introduced you to the idea, you’ll forget any other form of ‘thank you’ exists. We would go so far as to suggest that any other form of thank you is illegitimate by comparison. Tequila Tom is here for a good time not a long time, but with a symphony of festive snacks and beverages - chocolate, corn chips and tequila among them -  consider your message well and truly received. 


This is always an uncomfortable message to send. Why not let us do it for you? With a range extensive enough to let you pick a hamper that reflects the size of the apology you owe, we will make sure they are so satisfied with the selection of goodies that they will forget that there was even an apology to give. Brunchin’ Betty says “I'm sorry, breakfast’s on me.” And with pancake mix, passionfruit curd, salted caramel spread and tea or cold brew included, we would say the apology is as good as the breakfast. In this case: excellent. 


We’re so confident in the range of artisan goods that make up our hampers that we reckon we could put Hallmark out of business one day. Say ‘I love you’ with wine (is there really any other way to say it?) chocolate and other sweet and savoury treats, and your warm and gooey sentiments will thaw even the iciest of hearts. Jazzy James knows how to give an ‘I love you.’ With a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, chocolate, honey, macadamias and a set of cowhide coasters, your message has never been received so clearly. 

Whether it’s the I’m Sorry, I Love You or the Thank You hampers that you need to get your message across the line, Good Day People is here to make it a good day for you as the sender and your intended recipient. No mixed messages here. We are as good at communication as anyone we know, and we’re here to keep you out of trouble by extending the skillset. If you wanna thank us, you know how.