When Congratulations Are in Order

How do I congratulate thee? Let me count the ways! Actually…let me not. Let’s just agree that there are a lot. As are the reasons upon which you can find yourself dishing out congratulations to people you know…even people you don’t. 

“Congratulations” on your new baby.

“Congratulations” you’re engaged!

“Congratulations” on your nuptials!

“Congratulations” you’re a homeowner!

“Congratulations” you finished your degree!

“Congratulations” you got out of bed this morning!

Success is relative…right?

When you are sick of words, have completely run out or were never very good at them in the first place, we have got an alternative way for you to deliver the message. Say “congratulations” with a Good Day People hamper. We promise, the sentiments will translate clearer than they ever have before. We’ll give you a helping hand, so that you can pick the best way to say you’re happy for them, in the form of a congratulations hamper.

Congratulations you’re pregnant!

Pregnant Polly is the perfect way to articulate this message, with items that perfectly compliment the recipient’s inseminated state. Not a drop of alcohol to be found in this one. Instead, Mayde Tea Restore, which is gentle blend of organic botanicals and antioxidants that is completely pregnancy-friendly, Made to Milk Lactation Cookie mix, Willow By The Sea bottom balm, Snuggle Hunny kids organic muslim wrap and dribble bib, and One Chew Three Beech Wood rattler and teether. 

With things for mum and for kid, your congratulations are going to reverberate louder than most.

Congratulations you finished your degree!

This unequivocally calls for Beery Barry. It is the perfect way to tell this hamper’s recipient to put the laptop down, books away, and pick up a tinny. With contents that include Garage Project Bliss, Yulli’s Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA, Colonial Brewing Co Pale Ale and Philter Brewing Co XPA, congratulations will never taste so sweet (or, as it were, bitter). The included Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamias are the perfect accompaniment to the inebriated celebrations that are about to ensue. He is the congratulations hamper that is settling for nothing less than a good time. 

Congratulations you’re engaged!

As a prelude to the highly anticipated hen’s night, Minxy Mitch is the perfect way to congratulate her on her newly established commitment to lifelong monogamy. With flirty, sexy inclusions such as Bahen & Co Chilli and Salt Chocolate, Frenchie Oh La La Water-based Love Lube, Frenchie The Beret Condom (pack of twelve) and Frenchie Le Masque and Lovers’ Dice Set, there is no way to get your wires crossed when delivering your heartfelt congratulations. The selection is complete with Lansdowne Pet Nat sparkling wine and Misty’s Salted Caramel. Ready, Set, GO! The marriage countdown is on. 

Congratulations you’re a homeowner!

Two words: Jazzy James. We can think of no better way to congratulate a person on aquiring the most expensive set of keys they’ll ever obtain. The set of Mr and Mrs White Cowhide coasters that are included are a perfect housewarming present for the new residents, along with the bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne - the only way to properly celebrate the huge milestone. The congratulations hamper also includes Wondaree Honey Macadamias, Bahen & Co Madagascar chocolate, and Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch; the perfect way to secure an invite for future house parties.