Salty Simon Gift Hamper

Salty Simon Gift Hamper

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We all know someone with a sweet tooth, but lurking among us is the savoury tooth, the yin to the sweet tooth’s yang. They won’t lose their mind over M&Ms, but if someone cracks a jar of olives, it’s all over. For too long, the savoury tooth has been underwhelmed by hampers laden with jams, chocolates and shortbreads. Fear not, savour tooths, we see you. And we’ve got savoury food hampers that you will actually like. No more fakin’ it, we’re about to blow your mind.

Here is but a sample of the salty, carby or tangy treats you might find in some of our savoury food hampers.

Bomb Ass Chilli Oil
This is a delightful blend of the good stuff: chilli, garlic, shallots, cardamom, bay leaves and a range of other spices (all natural of course). BACO, as we affectionately call it, adds that heat with a shade of umami to give every dish that perfect kick. Sayonara, blandness! If you’re the kind of person who experiences the chilli sensation at the dinner table and the bathroom, then Bomb Ass Chilli Oil will especially live up to its name. But trust us, it is worth it.

Squid Ink Spaghetti
What better way to spice up an old favourite than with squid ink? ‘Sghetti will never have looked or tasted better. Made from stone ground Australian wheat, the ink gives it a subtly seafood aroma, so it is paired beautifully with fish or crab. You’ll be back in black in no time.

Olsson’s x Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt
There is something about artisanal salt that can bring a meal to life. Put away that salt you buy by the kilo at the supermarket and get around this special collab between the Four Pillar distillery and Olsson’s, the oldest salt producer in the country. It will be the unsung hero of any meal.

Fleurieu Olives
This sorts out the true salty dogs from the daytrippers. Grown in the McLaren region, these olives are plump, succulent, and guaranteed to make you feel like you’re grazing on the produce of a Tuscan estate. And best part of all, those plebs with an unrefined pallet won’t be getting too involved. More for the adults in the room, thank you very much.

Misty’s Salted Caramel
Alright, alright, we harped on about savoury over sweet, but no one is only one or the other. This salted caramel spread is the perfect way for all those savoury tooths to venture into the world of sweetness whilst staying true to their salty roots. And realistically, this is worth the trip.

Our savoury food hampers are putting the savour back in savoury. They are stacked to the brim with all kinds of salty and tangy goods, because we here at Good Day People don’t believe in discrimination in any form. Savoury tooths of the world, we salute you!