Fathers Day: Give the Socks a Rest

Whoever said you can never have too many socks and undies clearly was not a man, much less a Dad. Let’s give Dad’s socks and undies drawer a break this year, and explore Fathers Day gift options that are sure to elicit a massive smile on his face - no matter how burnt the toast is that arrives on his lap in the morning. We have curated a list of hampers for him on Father’s Day, so all you have to do is organise for its delivery. 

Active Aaron has got your Dad sorted with wine, Wondaree salted macadamia nuts, Bahen & Co chocolate, a Taylor & Smith cocktail and an Anvil Hide Togichi key fob. It’s exactly the selection of goods for the man who gets the job done and works hard to play hard. 

Handy Andy is not necessarily for the handyman of the house, he’s for the man you love even when he isn’t. Reward your Dad’s good nature and intentions…even if the lightbulb never gets replaced or the back fence repaired. With Bahen & Co chocolate, Wondaree honey macadamias, two Taylor & Smith cocktails, Australian Distillery Co Sydney Gin and Fleurieu olives among the selection of produce in Handy Andy, this hamper for him will not disappoint. 

Caffeinated Carla is the perfect hamper for your Dad if he downs three coffees before midday. Mr Black’s Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur will satisfy his caffeine cravings, and will pair perfectly with our Good Day chocolate and Bahen & Co Colombian Coffee chocolate. 

Wicked Wilson is for the Dad who’s hobbies and interests in life are still under investigation. With a bit of this and a bit of that, he can dabble between a selection of two beers, including Garage Project Bliss and Colonial Brewing Co pale ale, Wondaree honey macadamia nuts, a Taylor & Smith cocktail and Tiger Buck beef jerky. 

Nocturnal Nick is for the Dad who’s day begins as everyone else gets ready for bed. This hamper lets him settle into his favourite chair with a whisky from Nikka, with Bahen & Co chocolate, Wondaree Roasted Chocolate Macadamias, Drunken Sailor relish and an Anvil Hide Togichi key fob to class up his keys. 

Loveable Luisa is named after our beloved friend and food and lifestyle photographer, Luisa Brimble. This hamper contains everything that she loves; including Good Day chocolate, a Foxtail Negroni, Nuts-About garlic and rosemary cashews, two Poor Toms Gin & Tonic and Falwasser natural charcoal crispbread. The best part of the hamper, however, is the book released by crowdfunded and community-focused independent publisher, SomeKind. The collection of these particular books were released as a way to support the hospitality industry after it took a severe hit as a result of Covid. If your Dad is always wanting to lend a helping hand, this is one of the perfect hampers for him. 

Whichever hamper you spoil him with this Fathers Day, your Dad will be blown away - if only by the sheer number of goods that are neither socks nor undies. And if you really nailed the presents for your Dad, you can use our subscription service so you make your selection once and guarantee his satisfaction every year.