Picnics: The Good Day People Way

Post-pandemic, we’ve all become experts at picnic-ing. Especially for those of us who are completely adverse to exercise (whether outdoor or in), what choice did we have lockdown after lockdown but to gather with our government-advised number of attendees to placate our sanity by meeting together to laugh, eat and drink in one of the few ways we were allowed? And because our social budgets became more robust (as dining in restaurants and attending most indoor functions became prohibited for a time), many of you probably have really upped the ante on how you picnic. Gone are the days of chucking Jatz, hommus, brie and cabanossi into a picnic basket and calling it a good time. Not to throw shade, we’re not opposed to any of it. Now it’s cheese directly imported from France, a nice wine that has been specifically paired by a Semillon, crackers of the fanciest gluten-free variety and whipped feta dip that you made based on a recipe you found on TikTok. All laid out on an expensive wooden fold-up picnic table; because who eats off a rug anymore? Covid forced us to get creative and put the prestige in picnics, and let me tell you: we’re here for it. 

Turn your gift baskets and picnic baskets into Good Day People hampers. We’ll give you a guide to some of the best and bougiest hampers that will make your picnic-ing standard impossibly high from here on out. We’re not even sorry. 

Dependable Dave is a perfect addition to your picnic. The only thing you can’t depend on him for is the dairy! And because so many of you have intolerances these days, who’s even going to miss the aged cheddar? This hamper is packed with four different kinds of craft beer (have your frothies but make it bougie), Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, Fleurieu olives, Nuts-About garlic and rosemary cashews, Falwasser Natural Charcoal crispbread.

Variety Valerie will give your picnic just that: variety. This one includes a bottle of Minimum wine (red or white of your choosing), a Maison Blanche candle - perfect for a picnic at dusk with your better half, a Taylor & Smith cocktail, Cherry Wood corkscrew (yes, we fully condone the presence of champagne at any picnic where participants are aged 18+), Good Day chocolate and Wondaree honey macadamias. 

Brilliant Bianca is Queeeeen of Bougie! Seriously. Like if you’re pulling this out of a picnic or a gift basket, you’re proposing. Or celebrating an anniversary. Or a newly-acquired mortgage. Or if you’re really fancy: a Tuesday. Listen, don’t let us tell you how to use it. All of her bougie contents include a bottle of Bollinger champagne (duh), Wondaree salted macadamias, Fleurieu olives, and Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate. 

Not all of us are lushes. I know. It’s hard to get your head around. So for the upstanding members of the community who are not big on booze but are still up for some wholesome picnic fun, consider yourself un-excluded (ie. included) in the Good Day People Picnic Experience; trademark pending. Foodie Frank is gonna give you the best gourmet picnic spread of your life. With Mount Zero olive oil, Olsson’s x Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, Good Day chocolate, Misty’s Salted Caramel and Bomb Ass Chilli Oil, truly the only thing you need to bring is a loaf of fresh, crusty bread or sourdough to mop it all up with. 

Loveable Luisa is a bit of this and a bit of that, that would make her the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday arvo picnic. She’s got Foxtail Negroni, 2x Poor Tom’s Gin & Tonic, Nuts-About garlic and rosemary cashews and Falwasser Natural Charcoal crispbread. Just please, make sure you are permitted to drink alcohol on whatever public premises you choose to picnic!* Nothing fun about fines. 

You know the old adage that there are two types of people in this world: those who eat to live and those who live to eat? Our hampers are targetted toward the latter. Consider these hampers or any others in our range as the perfect gift for anyone who has an expensive palette, or just knows the difference between a champagne and a sparkling wine. Much better than gift baskets or gift vouchers that indicate you don’t really know much about the person on the receiving end, these would make a perfect addition to someone else’s picnic - wherever they are in the world! The Good Day People hampers come in a selection of fun designs, so that you can tailor them to the recipient at every stage.  

*If you are unsure about where it is legal to consume alcohol when you are organising a picnic, please refer to your state using this link to find out: