Trying to Find a Gift for Expecting Mothers? What to Get When the Thought Alone Won’t Count!

There is so much red tape around what you can gift new mums. Your first instinct is probably to give them every kind of food that they had to sacrifice eating whilst their bun was still firmly in their oven; kilos of seafood (read: oysters, bugs and prawns), all the soft cheese and cured meats you can possibly find within Harris Farm, and bottles (and bottles) of champagne and wine…heck, anything with an alcohol percentage above 12%. In theory, this is a top-shelf idea. And if it’s only the thought that counts, then you’re on the money. In reality, this might not be the most fitting present that you can give a new mum. Firstly: if she is breastfeeding, then she still has to be very vigilant about adhering to the teeny windows she is granted to drink without affecting the breastmilk. And secondly: any food that is typically eaten slowly and leisurely; over a long lunch, for example, is food that this new mum is not going to know about for another 15 odd years. It’s just a fact. So we would like to assist you in giving her a gift that counts as more than a thought. Within a new mum gift box, all the contents will count too!

Because we are that helpful, we’ve almost literally spelled it out for you. So whilst our collection of Good Day People hampers is ever-growing, below is every hamper suitable to gift a new mum that we have on our site to date. 

How about the Doula Tula? So thoughtful, we’ve considered both Mum and bub in this hamper. Doula Tula is brimming with goodies that include a bottle of Altina Alcohol-free Cocktail, Bahen & Co raspberry & rose chocolate, Willow by The Sea Belly Oil, Snuggle Hunny Kids Dribble Bib, and a One Chew Three Cactus Silicone Teether. 

Delivered Diana is a personal fave. Absolutely brimming with consideration (considerate-ness?), this new mum gift box is packed with the goods. Starting with (as everyone should) a bottle of wine; either Minimum Rosé or Altina Non-Alcoholic Cocktail, proceeding to the tea that she is going to need at all waking hours of the day and night; Mayde Restore Tea, Addition Studio Australian Native Bath Scrub, Bahen & Co raspberry & rose chocolate, Willow By The Sea Belly Oil and a Travel candle, for good measure. 

For the mum whose bun’s arrival is still pending, Pregnant Polly is raring to go to make her last few months/weeks up the duff bearable. How? With a packet of Made To Milk Lactation Cookie Mix, Willow By The Sea Bottom Balm, a Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Muslin Wrap, Snuggle Hunny Kids Dribble Bib, Mayde Tea Restore and a One Chew Three Beech Wood Rattler & Teether.

Birthing Berni is the push present that only partially makes up for the push. But nothing short of a Maserati will do that. Containing a bottle of Altina Alcohol-Free Cocktail, Willow By The Sea Bottom Balm, a Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Muslin Wrap, Snuggle Hunny Kids Dribble Bib, a One Chew Three Cactus Silicone Teether, Mayde Tea Restore, Made To Milk Lactation Cookie Mix and a Maison Blanche candle. 

If it occurs to you to extend your generosity to celebrate the new father as well (seriously, where does your thoughtfulness end?!) we can come to the table with some great options for him too.

Give Sensible Steve a crack. He promises satisfaction with a bottle of chardonnay pinot noir from Better Half, The Original Watch from The Horse, a block of Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, and Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch. 

Whisky Wayne is another sterling choice for a new dad. Nothing says ‘congratulations’ like a bottle of Nikka Whisky, a Makoto jigger, Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts, and a block of Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate. Thankfully, that’s just what this hamper contains. 

In my opinion, Noble Neil is as good as a Cuban cigar for celebrating new fatherhood. His contents include a bottle of red or white wine from Minimum, a Taylor & Smith cocktail, Good Day chocolate, and Wondaree Honey macadamia nuts. 

Just please, for the love of everything, all we ask is that in your celebration of his entry into fatherhood, you do not neglect to celebrate hers into motherhood. A gift box for him without a corresponding new mum gift box for her just won’t do. Any consequences of failing to do so will not be worn by Good Day People. 

We know that we have just knocked it out of the park for you as Chief Giver of all Gifts, so while you’re here, check out our collection of hampers for a variety of other occasions. We make you look good - it’s what we’re here for.