5 Reasons Why Not Drinking Is the New Drinking

We’re all seeing it happening, right? The non-alcoholic beverage market is BUZZING with new businesses offering exceptional alcohol-free substitutes for spirits, wines, beers and liqueurs. Whether it’s for dietary and health reasons, general lifestyle reasons, or being pregnant reasons…we’re all about the growing number of people who are switching to non-alcoholic beverages! 

For others of you, no matter how trendy this transition becomes, no matter how many Instagram ads infiltrate your feed advertising the latest business hopping aboard the non-alcoholic bevy train, you will not be disloyal to your favourite pastime and drinks of choice. And you know what? We’re fully supportive of that too (but like, in moderation, obviously). 

For those yet to be converted to this more conservative way of life, here are 5 reasons why not drinking is the new drinking:


  1. The Incomparable and Blissful Absence of Hangovers and Next-Day Remorse

Statistics say that by going heavy on alcohol-free drinks all night, you are far less likely, if not completely unlikely, to send highly emotionally-charged messages to ex-partners. We are yet to actually discover these statistics documented anywhere, but feel very confident that they exist somewhere. If we had a dollar for the number of times the words I’m never drinking again have been uttered after a particularly heinous night of heavy drinking, we would not be busting our butts getting hampers to your loved ones! (Who are we kidding? Of course we would!) The expanding non-alcoholic beverage market is giving more and more people reason to make the switch, and leave memories of hazy nights and unbearable mornings firmly in their rearview mirror.

  1. Trying to Get Pregnant, Being Pregnant, Immediately After Pregnancy

Obviously, alcohol and pregnancy are not a match made in heaven. As any pregnant woman can likely attest, doing social things without the social lubricant of a drink or two is a very un-fun aspect of being up the duff. The growing selection of alcoholic substitutes on the market gives mums a way to be a part of the social festivities with a fancy drop without ignoring medical caution. We have a range that is perfect if you’re after a new mum hamper - some with non-alcoholic drinks - some with no drinks at all - that will put a spring in their step at whichever stage of pregnancy they are in. 

  1. Diet

We’ve lost you at this point…haven’t we? There is nothing fun about adhering to a diet, but for some, dietary limitations are very necessary for the sake of their health. Just like the vast array of intolerances that people can have toward particular kinds of foods, there are many people who cannot drink alcohol without it negatively impacting their health. Again, this would be a difficult thing to navigate when most people in your circles are drinkers. Our non-alcoholic hampers are a great gift for anyone who’s had to hang up their boots on their drinking days because their body and health were being compromised with every drink. 

  1. Lifestyle

For some people, alcohol just doesn’t do it for them anymore. Whether it’s because they had a complicated relationship with it, generally didn’t like the way it made them feel, or are just opting for a more holistic lifestyle, it is a decision that is growing in popularity and appeal. 

The market, by no coincidence, directly reflects this. It is a great time to be able to have your cake and eat it too; the decision to forego alcohol has not always come with so many alternative options that replicate the experience without the detrimental side effects! The efforts that go into understanding and supporting decisions like these are something we are all about - especially as they gain momentum. So whether it’s a new mum hamper, or a hamper that respects the choices of its recipient in its absence of alcohol, we can accommodate it all.

  1. Peer Pressure

The world seems to have gone topsy-turvy if we are considering that the non-alcoholic drinks bandwagon might be the most popular to be on right now! Just as peer pressure has oftentimes been the cause of many big nights historically, it can also be the reason that people choose to ditch the booze in favour of cleaner living and trying to keep up with the newly-sober Joneses. So if your response to the question: why did you give up drinking? Is peer pressure made me do it! we are honestly not that upset about it. There are far worse things that you can be peer pressured into, after all!

All this to say, we offer a selection of hampers that contain non-alcoholic drinks for anyone who is steering clear of booze. So whether it be a new mum hamper you are looking for, or a hamper to accommodate the recipient’s lifestyle choices or dietary requirements, we gotcha covered! 

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