Hosting Christmas Is the Worst. Good Day People Makes It Better!

It’s early December. So either you’ve got your Christmas tree up by now, or you hate Christmas. If you’re really organised, you’ve gotten most of your presents sorted, and hidden in areas of the house you think your family members don’t know about (surprise: they do!). If it’s your turn to host Christmas this year then you’re probably getting your shopping list under way; working out which day you’re able to make it down to the fish market, getting to the two-dollar shop for bon-bons and spare Secret Santa presents for those inevitable scatter-brained guests who will almost definitely forget to bring one, and trying to find alternate foods to accomodate Aunty Jill’s dietary requirements. 

Finally, you’ve got to work out what to get your friend’s friend, or your parents-in-law, or your niece’s new boyfriend. Here is the part where we come in. Named the Good Day People with good reason, we have a selection of hampers that you are going to be excited about giving, and people excited about receiving. So go on, peruse our hampers to find the perfect gift for the people who are usually near-impossible to buy for, or you don’t know from a bar of soap! We have a specially curated collection of Christmas hampers too, to make the process real simple for you! Our range of goods is strictly things people actually like. Literally, that’s the criteria in our selection process. From chocolate, nuts, olives, and other goods sourced from local vendours, to candles, spirits, wine and beers from popular local breweries, these are the kinds of hampers you want to receive. 

While you’re decking the halls with boughs of holly, we’re working away like little elves in Santa’s workshop to put together the Christmas hampers in time for your festivities! Here’s a little cheat sheet of our Christmas hamper selection for you, sub-catagorised for your convenience: 

Alcoholics Not-so Anonymous:

Beachy Bella screams Aussie Christmas perhaps more than any of our other hampers! She has got your summer sorted with 3x Dirty Water seltzers, 2x cans of Poor Toms, a Turkish Towel, Good Day chocolate, We Feel Good sunscreen and a packet of Fluffe. It’s seafood buffet and then off to the beach on Christmas day. Just don’t forget the esky!

Alcoholic Alan kinda speaks for himself. Some definite main character energy, as far as alcohol inclusion goes, with 4x Taylor & Smith cocktails, a bottle of Grandvewe vanilla whey liqueur, a Mokito jigger, Maison Blanche candle and Good Day chocolate. He’s one-track minded, and no one’s complaining!


Chrissy Missy won’t be turned away by anyone (unless they’re adverse to gluten!). She contains a bottle of wine (red or white, of your choosing), a Pud Christmas pudding, Bramble & Hedge sticky date caramel nougat, and Misty’s Salted Caramel. 

Merry Jerry has your best interests at heart, provided your best interest is gluten. He’s got yuor sweet tooth covered with a Folk Gingerbread Kit, Good Day Crackle Pop chocolate and a packet of Fluffe. 

Miscelaneous (ie. you’ve never met them and therefore have no idea what they like):

Jolly Holly has a bit of this and a bit of that. More specifically, a bottle of wine (red or white of your choosing), Misty’s Salted Caramel, a Pud Christmas pudding, Jingle Bell chocolate and an Animus Gin Bauble. 

Variety Valerie also lives up to her name; we’re funny like that. She’s got you covered even when you have no idea what the recipient is into, with a bottle of red or white wine, a Maison Blanche candle, Taylor & Smith cocktail, a Cherry Wood corkscrew, Good Day chocolate and Wondaree Honey Macadamia nuts. 

Even though you’re very likely to come out the other side of this Christmas swearing never to host it again (at least until next year), we have full cofidence you’re going to nail the whole event! We’re just taking a lot of the mental load off by making gift-choosing a lot easier this year! View our full Christmas hampers range here.