Jingling All the Way - to the Beach!

There’s something about Australia that conjures up pictures of ocean, surf, seafood, sand, and inevitable sunburns. Essentially, in our heads this country runs summer perpetually year-round. In fact, it’s fair to say that the picture of Australia associates synonomously with sunshine and summer. The two go together like a sausage sandwhich and tomato sauce. The sunny weather and glistening turquoise oceans are a major drawing point for international tourists, who, for the most part can’t envision Christmas by the ocean, prawns being peeled at the table, swimmers underneath our Christmas ensembles, ready to head off to the beach just as soon as the plates have been licked clean and cleared off the table. 

Wanna know what would go great with an Aussie summer? A gift hamper that contains everything quintessential to Australia. Especially as Christmas is rapidly approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to get gifting from our extensive range of hampers. 

How great would it be to gift someone you love (or you don’t love, we’re not fussed either way), something that they can use straight away? Something like the Beachy Bella hamper, which comes with a turkish towel and a couple’a tinnies  - daring you to ditch all of your responsibilities and get down to the beach asap!     .

Need a hand choosing? We’ll show you a few from our selection that will have you slip, slop, slapping and getting the festivities started early!

We’ve already blown the cover on the gift-ability of Beachy Bella (spoiler: we were trying to). We stand by it, though. Alongside the turkish towel, Beachy Bella comes stocked with 2x cans of Poor Toms, We Feel Good sunscreen, 3x cans of Dirty Water seltzers, Good Day Chocolate and a packet of Fluffe. Chuck her straight in the car and off you go…surf’s up!

Aussie Ash is one of our newer Good Day People, so please, make it feel welcome! Aussie Ash does us proud with contents that we’ve curated in support for some First Nations businesses. These include Taka Gin, Tasteology Lemon Myrtle Syrup, Indigiearth Saltbush Dukkah, 2x cans of Tasmanian Tonic Water, Wondaree Honey Macadamias, and Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate. 

Entertaining Ella is best paired with people who like a good time, all the time! With 3x cans of Poor Toms gin & tonic and 3 of Poor Toms negroni spritz, we reckon mission accomplished! Alcohol aside, Ella comes with a travel candle and Bahen & Co Raspberry and Rose chocolate to boot. And you know what? You can even throw in a turkish towel for an additional cost to really make it a summer-worthy gift!

What spells out s-u-m-m-e-r more than a margarita by the pool with a bottomless bowl of corn chips and at least as much guacamole alongside it?! Honestly, it’s one of the many cuisines we’ve adopted as our own from other cultures (thank you, Mexico!). Tequila Tom comes to the pool party with La Gritona Tequila, 2x Strangelove Salted Grapefruit mixers, La Tortilleria corn chips, and Bahen & Co Chilli Salt Chocolate. 

Jolly Holly is Aussie Christmas encapsulated. As soon as Mariah Carey’s  All i Want For Christmas Is You starts sounding from the loudspeakers of every shopping centre around the country, she starts popping her head up from the bunch, hoping to be put to use. Jolly Holly gives a nod to nostalgia with Pud’s Christmas Pudding, Jingle Bell Choc, an Animus Gin Bauble, a bottle of wine (red or white) and Misty’s Salted Caramel. We’re jingling allllllll the way with Jolly Holly! 


Start dragging the inflatable pool toys out of the garage! It’s gonna be another summer for the books - our gift hampers will make sure of it!