You’re so close to the end of the working year that all your team can talk about is the highly anticipated work Christmas party and that Aunty Judy is making Christmas politics especially difficult this year and why this is “the last time they will ever host Christmas…at least until next year”. Ahhhhh Christmas time…there’s no better time of year is there?

If your team has been working hard making its sales budgets, this is a merry time of year indeed! On top of tying up all the business ends with a bright red Christmas bow, you are racking your brain and consulting other managers about what they are gifting their team for Christmas this year. Nothing coming to mind? Let us tell you: if you have found your way to our site, you have found your answer. 

The contents available within our corporate hampers are made up ONLY of the best produce from Australian artisans. So instead of making a bulk order of hampers that contain products that are known by no one and liked by even less, let us save you a lot of time by making the best of Australian vendors’ products available to you for your superior gift-giving pleasure.  

If our word is not enough, take it from some of our fantastic corporate clients. We don’t like to boast but….who are we kidding? Obviously we do. THE ICONIC, American Express, Westpac, Amazon, Spotify and Afterpay are among our impressive corporate clientele. As we like to say, what’s good for the American Express, is good for the…you. 

If you’ve got at least 20 recipients in mind then you qualify to make a corporate order! Smaller teams and workplaces; fret not! Although we cannot accommodate a corporate order for you, we can deliver multiple orders to multiple addresses in the one transaction. What did we tell you? Good Days only, around here! These orders are not limited to Christmas time either. Feel free to put in a corporate order any time of year. We will be in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving your submitted Enquiry form, so that we can start working on hampers that will make it a Good Day for your team!

Filling out a Corporate Enquiry form will allow us to be able to help you as best we can. We can custom make them for your workplace so that the gift is fitting of your crazy lovable (crazy AND lovable?) team! Not only do we give you agency over the contents of the corporate hampers, you can actually individually tailor them to each member of your team! So between the drinkers, the non-drinkers, the social butterflies and the hermits, you can tailor each hamper to meet their specific requirements and preferences. Let’s be honest, this might be the most fun you’ve had all year! Orders over 50 also qualify for customised packaging. You gotta get organised for that though; expect a 4-6 week turnaround for that level of bougie. 

If time or creative constraints don’t permit you to customise your corporate hampers, then take a look at our Corporate Christmas Catalogue. We’ve got a slew of specially curated hampers that will still make quality presents worthy of your team and all their hard work this year! 

As much as we got a kick out of the movies, Christmas time is a great opportunity to prove the workplace is free from Horrible Bosses! The holiday is rapidly approaching, so get your gifts sorted quickly! By filling out the Corporate Enquiry form we can work with you to make sure that every hamper you order is reflective of its recipient.