Birthday Hampers Made Right Here In Australia

Here in Australia, we’re known for some really top tier sh...stuff. Like wine. And food (both fresh and non). And coffee. And venomous spiders. So because we, the Good Day People, have cottoned on to all the good things this country has to offer, we have devised a way to include them in a conveniently sized package for you to gift to whomever you desire. Please note: we have not included perishables…or spiders. 

Let’s start with the wine, because that always feels like a sensible choice. Many of our hampers include wine from Minimum, which is an organic, vegan wine cultivated in a small family vineyard in Goulburn Valley, Central Victoria. With all the buzz words included (‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ’wine’...) many of our hampers offer a choice between their red, white or rosé. Sharer Sarah, Noble Neil, Variety Valerie, Warm Whitney and Rosy Rebecca are among many of our hampers that contain this premium wine. 

We have teamed up with Blue Mountains chocolatier Winnow Chocolates to concoct the perfect collab: Good Day Chocolate. All things quaint and quality hail from the Blue Mountains, and this chocolate is no exception. With a variety of flavours, including Summer Daze, Good Times and Crack Pop, they are a fun addition to many of our Good Day People hampers, and an excellent inclusion to a gift hamper for any occasion, like birthday hampers, Australian goods have got you sorted. 

Misty’s Salted Caramel is one of those things that, like a great love affair, once you’ve had it you don’t know how to live without it. Handmade in Melbourne, this gooey condiment will marry well with anything and nothing at all. Made from a non-negotiable combination of all the good things in life: sugar, butter, cream and salt, many from our range of hampers include this mouth-watering must have. Brunchin’ Betty, Addictive Alex and Foodie Frank among them.

Barrel One Cold Brew is the quintessential combination of quality coffee adapted to a typical Australian climate. It’s the same Aussie-loved sensation of cracking open a cold one, only it’s sans the alcohol, making it any-time-of-day appropriate. Barrel One Coffee is roasted on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, with a commitment to sourcing some of the world’s finest and rarest coffees. Brunchin’ Betty and Caffeine Darlene have got you sorted for the best way to drink coffee on a hot, summers’ day. 

Drunken Sailor Canning Co is a collection of Aussie made, small batch preserves. We have included some of their incomparable jams in our hampers. Perfect addition to any 

Nocturnal Nick, Chrissy Missy and Tinsel Terry all contain these supreme preserves, either in Peach, Vanilla and Brandy Jam or their Beetroot and Gin Relish. 

Yulli’s Brews is a craft beer brewed from Surry Hills, Sydney. Found in Beery Barry, Dependable Dave and Manly Mark, their Amanda Mandarin IPA is an American style beer that is layered with a generous serving of cold pressed mandarins blended with orange peel liqueur.  

Whether it’s for an anniversary, when congratulations are in order or you are in need of birthday hampers, Australia has made it very easy to accommodate a plethora of tastes and occasions with its near-endless selection of locally-made fine foods and beverages on offer. Incorporating them in our hampers was the easiest job on earth!