The Impossible To Buy For Man

Here’s to all those men who already have everything they need! You make gift giving a real pain in the arse! We know wayyyy too many of these guys, and so we decided to build ourselves some magic bullets. 21 magic bullets to be exact. See, we figured that while these guys have everything they need, they don’t have everything they want; just a little something something to spruce up their day. If you browse through our website, you’re sure to find the perfect gift box for him. Pull the trigger, and it is on its way! What used to take weeks of agonising and brainstorming takes just a few minutes. You’re welcome.

Let’s take a stroll through some of our office favourites.

    1. The Manly Mark

When Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Manly Cove in 1788, he saw the Indigenous men standing on the beach and thought that they were the most manly men he had ever seen. The name stuck, and here we are. The Manly Mark is suited to this kind of man: We are talking four different craft beers from around the world (delivered in tinnie form of course), smokey BBQ beef jerky that is all Australian, low in fat, high in protein and gluten free (What, you think eating gluten makes you a man? Please…). We throw in roasted macadamia nuts and chilli oil, and this puppy is ready to go. This gift box for him won’t just put hairs on his chest, it will put hairs on his hair.

   2. Alcoholic Alan

Now look… There is a fine line between loving alcohol and needing alcohol. The Alcoholic Alan flirts with that line but doesn’t cross it. We are talking ‘good times only’. That won’t be too hard to achieve, with four seasonal cocktails from Taylor & Smith, an artisanal distillery in Tassie. Sealed with wax like an apothecary of old, you’ll think it’s a shame to open them. Except for when you actually do open them and you realise how smoothly they go down. Next up is a Grandvewe Vanilla Liqueur that is as thick as Irish custard. Personal recommendation here. Serve with chilled apple juice to make what we call the Apple Crumble. It will taste just like how Nan used to make it, if your Nan was raucous and a little bit loose. The Alan comes with a stainless steel jigger to get your pours exactly right, dark chocolate from the blue mountains, and candle for it you just need to chill TF down after a good night. Your spirits will be high as you get a bit high on spirits!

   3. Jazzy James

Maybe the man in your mind is a little bit of an enigma. They belong to a different time, the roaring 20s, where the booze was bootlegged, the women wore their hair short, and the Jazz Age was in full swing. The Jazzy James is your guy. Start off the evening with some Champagne (yes, champagne, not just ‘Sparkling White’), while taking a side of opulent honeyed macadamias. Just in case this isn’t bougie enough, we’ve included honey produced in Mudgee that is infused with raw macadamias. The Capilano squeezy bottle won’t quite cut it after this. To really hit the sweet tooth, this gift box for him includes stone ground chocolate from West Oz, sourced from Madagascan cocoa, this will really hit the spot for the guy who isn’t the run of the mill supermarket kinda guy. The Jazzy James is equal parts debonair and thrill-seeking.