POV: It’s a Tuesday like any other. Your phone’s alarm rings for the first of the three alerts you’ve allowed yourself before you actually have to get up. Your eyes open slowly and mostly against their will to press snooze. Your partner is asleep next to you. She stirs, and rolls over to put her head on your chest and an arm around it, before you both have to get up. Although she loves snuggling with you every morning, today she seems particularly attentive. ‘Happy anniversary’ she whispers. Suddenly, you’re awake. Your eyes wide open, body stiffens. She senses the change in your posture and responds, ‘oh…you forgot.’

You forgot.

It’s the scenario that anyone in a relationship dreads the most: forgetting your anniversary. 

But, good news! Here’s where the blood starts returning to your face. 

When we call ourselves Good Day People, we weren’t messing around! We are setting up a subscription service that will mean you never wake up to the awful realisation that you have forgotten an important date in your relationship. Choose an anniversary hamper (preferably, allowing time for it to arrive in time), and opt for the subscription service so that you leave the remembering up to us every year, while getting the credit for it. That’s a Good Day, right?

Seriously though, we can make sure the delivery gets to them, but the timing is up to you! No present hits quite as well as a punctual one! Make sure you leave enough time so that the anniversary hamper doesn’t seem like an afterthought. You nail the timing, we’ll nail the rest. 

Need some help trying to find the perfect hamper? Here are a few popular choices to celebrate your relationship birthday (or any other anniversary that warrants remembrance) every year:

Refined Ruby: If self-care was a university qualification, she would have a masters in it. Full of strictly refined products, she contains a block of Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate (obviously), 2x Black Blaze Pillar candles, Addition Studio Body Scrub, and a bottle of red, white, pet nat or non-alcoholic wine. She’s bougie, and she knows it!

Disco Diana: uh uh uh uh, stayin’ alive! Stayin’ alive! A great gift for those people cursed with expensive taste and a low budget. Get the Saturday Night Fever with Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk chocolate, a bottle of champagne, Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub, 2x Taylor & Smith cocktails, Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts and Olsson’s X Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt.

Whisky Wayne: If we told you he contained whisky, would ya be surprised? Hope not! We’ve included Nikka Whisky in this anniversary hamper, as well as a Makato jigger (of course), Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts and Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate. 

Casual Clare: she is ideal for the person who enjoys boutique and unique! Her contents include 2x Strangelove tonics, Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts, 4x Mr and Mrs White Cowhide coasters and Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin or Banks Botanicals Non-Alcoholic spirit. Class dismissed! It’s time to lowkey party. 

Alcoholic Alan: he is for the one-track-minded among us. The kind of person who won’t even attend a wedding unless there’s an endless bar tab provided. Alcoholic Alan is going to live up to expectation, containing 4x Taylor & Smith cocktails, a bottle of Grandvewe Vanilla Liqueur, Good Day chocolate, a Makito jigger and a Maison Blanche candle. Any night’s a party with this hamper! 

We have abolished a very good reason for you to have otherwise ended up in the doghouse, but we cannot add to cart for you! You know the quote do something today that the you of tomorrow will be proud of? We cannot make it clearer. Keep the zen firmly within the relationship by showing your partner the dates they care about, you do too! Head over to our menu to shop the collection of anniversary hampers. Obviously, our collection of hampers extend beyond those appropriate for an anniversary, so for any occassion that requires a gift (or no occassion at all!) give us a visit to see every hamper option we offer. 

Of course, many anniversaries are far less pleasant to recall. Our anniversary hampers will make a great gift to give to someone just to reassure them that they are in your thoughts on that day. There is an option to include a message (of up to 200 characters) when you checkout on site, so that your sentiments are received along with the hamper.  

Each Good Day People hamper has the option to include additional extras, so if you spot something that doesn’t come in the hamper you have your eye on, you can opt to include it in there (as long as available space permits). Additional costs will apply! 

Click here to check out our full range of anniversary hampers.