When She’s Impossible to Buy For

We all have at least one of them in our lives. That is, the girlfriend who either has everything or has such particular taste that it is near impossible to buy a gift for. Well, enter us: the Good Day People. We put the ‘near’ in near impossible. We have curated a selection of goods from an array of premium local small businesses, the likes of which she may never have heard of before, to create a collection of luxury gift hampers for her. Read on to identify the kind of fancy your friend is and the perfect hamper for her.

The “It’s five o’clock somewhere” friend:

She knows her oaky notes from her spicey, her riesling from her rosé. When bottomless brunch becomes more of a weekly catch up than a special occasion, then Perky Pam might be just the gift for her. She is a very alluring collation of four Taylor & Smith cocktails, a Taylor & Smith gin, Fleurier olives, Good Day chocolate, a Maison Blanche candle and four Mr and Mrs White cowhide coasters. Put it this way: next cheese and wine night is at her place - no question. 

If your friend thinks that mimosas sans the orange juice still counts as a breakfast cocktail, well, is there any other gift hamper for her than Alcoholic Alan? He is not shy about his selection of alcohol; including four Taylor & Smith cocktails, a bottle of Grandvewe vanilla liqueur, as well as a Makato jigger, Maison Blanche candle, and a block of Good Day chocolate. 

The bougie introvert:

It’s a specific combination of traits, but these people definitely exist. Relaxed Rachel will compliment her demeanour perfectly, with a bottle of Altina alcohol-free cocktail, a Good Night Co USB diffuser and Good Night Co essential oil, Mixed Bag original chai and Bahen & Co macadamia milk chocolate. This is one of those luxury gift hampers for her that will truly only be for her. 

Hilarious Hannah needs a break from being the token funny friend, but only for a night. If your friend can relate, then this is a perfect pairing. She is filled with a bottle of red or white wine from Minimum, a Hey Bud hemp clay mask, candle from Travel and Addition Studio Australian Native bath soak, she’ll be back in social circles raring to go before you know it. 

The unabashedly fancy friend:

Buckle up: Disco Diana is a good time, knows a good time, and is for your friend who is and knows the same. She has a bountiful supply of goods, including; a bottle of Bollinger champagne, Bahen & Co macadamia milk chocolate, Olsson’s x Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, Addition Studio Australian Native body scrub, two Taylor & Smith cocktails and a Black Blaze candle.  

If your girlfriend makes buying gifts for her even trickier by refusing to even share a room with a piece of meat, then don’t panic: Vegan Megan is your girl. With a Maison Blanche candle, a Minimum vegan red wine, a box of Clean As Crackers in sea salt flavour, and a block of Good Day chocolate, all of her…particular needs are catered for. 

If you’re really stuck for ideas, leave the choosing up to her with one of our gift cards available to purchase on the site, starting from $75 in value.