Four Very Specific Ways to Avoid the Doghouse

We’ve all been there, right? The doghouse. Hopefully not in the literal sense (what on earth did you do?!), but we’ve all become very acquainted with the couch of a night (or ten) for testing our partner to a degree that pushes them to banish us out of sight for an extended period of time. The mind boggles as to the plethora of reasons one could find themselves banished to the proverbial doghouse. Although the reasons appear nearly endless, it would not take too many wrong turns to arrive at a very common one; forgetting an anniversary. So although we cannot rescue you from impending punishment for telling your partner what a great back-up plan their best friend would be for you (seriously – don’t do that), we can keep you in the bed and the good books by ensuring you don’t miss an important event again. Not only is our range of anniversary hampers extensive, but we have a subscription service that is the real MVP in terms of keeping the future of your relationship secure.

Here’s a few suggestions to help you out, because we are nothing if not accommodating. 

Hilarious Hannah

She’s as good a time as her name implies. Packed with the choice of a bottle of Minimum red or white wine, a Travel candle, Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub and Native Bath Soak and a Hey Bud Mask. Honestly, you’ll forget what the couch even looked like after spoiling your better half with this one.

Whisky Wayne

Classy is as classy does. Whisky Wayne is one-track minded, but oh, what a track to be on. Included in this anniversary hamper is Nikka whisky, a Makoto jigger, a packet of Wondaree roasted salted macadamia nuts and a block of Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate. It’s the sexiest gift going. 

Disco Diana 

She is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it is for your anniversary or because you forgot it, consider yourself securely in the good books. With a bottle of champagne, Additional Studio Australian Native body scrub, a Black Blaze candle, Wondaree roasted salted macadamia nuts, 2 Taylor & Smith cocktails, Olsson’s X Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, and Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate, we suspect this might run out just in time for the next anniversary. 

Minxy Mitch

You know you’re in for a good night with him. He’s the one night stand you wanna keep coming back for. And trust us, he’s prepared. With Frenchie Oh La La Water-based Love Lube, Frenchie The Beret Condom x12, Bahen & Co Chilli and Salt chocolate, Misty’s Salted Caramel spread, Frenchie The Beret Condoms + Hyaluronic Acid x3, Frenchie Le Masque and Lovers’ Dice Set and, obviously, a bottle of Lansdowne sparkling wine, it is impossible to disappoint with this hamper. With all the gear and a pretty good idea, this is gonna be an anniversary for the books.  

Whichever anniversary hamper you choose of our vast selection to celebrate your love, we trust that the bar will be raised considerably by enlisting the offerings of Good Day People to spoil your significant other. And if you want to offload the task of remembering it every year to us by setting up the subscription, refer to the Subscription option at checkout. That bar is rising so rapidly it’s practically disappearing from sight. And why wouldn’t it be? We exist for no other reason than to make it a Good Day.