The Perennially Awful Work Present

Death, taxes, and an awful work present. These are the inevitabilities of life. Or rather, were the inevitabilities. 

We at Good Day People are changing the game with corporate gift hampers. Cellophane and wicker? Long gone. Stale shortbread and bland chutney? Adios. We’ve taken the daring step of creating corporate gift hampers which your colleagues might actually enjoy. Artisanal cocktails, stone ground chocolate, sleek designer packaging. Wild.

We can partner with you in constructing the perfect hamper for you and your team. Drop us a line and one of our designers will get back to you in the next 24-48 hours to help you make something perfect. If you’re looking to get fewer, or perhaps you are after a few different kinds, let us step you through some of our best options for under $100.

  1. Warm Whitney

This is perfect because it’s not too wild, but it still recognises that this person deserves to put their feet up with a good drink in hand. The mulled wine kit allows you to create a warming smooth drop to your own taste: Cinnamon, orange infusion, lemon, or a little bit of each. To really cap this off, we include stone ground chocolate made from bean to bar in West Oz. To really help your colleague achieve a state of zen, we have included a hand poured soy wax candle that uses only natural fragrances. I think you know the person who would appreciate the hell out of this… Don’t let them down!

  1. Jittery Jess

Perhaps the person you want to thank is a little less chill than the Whitney. We are thinking a millennial, too much energy and needs to blow off some steam. The Jess features bar quality G&Ts and Negroni Spritzes in a can. It’s ramping up to be a big night of bouncing off the walls. We’ve included the stone ground chocolate that comes in the Whitney. It’s made from Madagascan beans, and all the farmers are paid above Fair Trade standards. Trust us, Millennials love this kind of social consideration so the gift is doubly appreciated. Just in case the energy levels hadn’t already peaked we’ve thrown in fairy floss, handmade in Sydney from locally sourced sugars. Check your blood sugar levels, cos this hamper is something else!

  1. Sassy Sophie

OK, not everyone is a big drinker, and to take an uncharacteristically serious turn, some people have battled the bottle, and don’t appreciate unnecessary temptation. Or maybe this colleague is under 18. Either way, Good Day People have many options for the non-drinker in your business. The Sassy Sophie is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. We are talking hot chocolate mix, Guatemalan chocolate, shards of white chocolate and berry meringue, and honeyed macadamias. Sweets for the sweet…

As you can see, these options bear no resemblance to the tacky corporate gift hampers of yesteryear. Ours are stacked with things you actually want to consume, and come packaged in modern elegant packages.