We’ve Got You...and Him

Men are hard to buy gifts for. This is less a tentative venture, and more a fact. Unless they have hobbies and interests that open up a world of add ons and accessories, buying any man in your life a present without feeling the need to keep the receipt is a near impossibility. 

So if video games aren’t their thing, nor fishing or cooking, then allow us to give you back the number of sleepless nights you would usually spend tossing and turning over the perfect gift for him...whoever he is. 

With Christmas fast approaching, we have curated a selection of hampers for him. In fact, so intent are we on restoring your sleep and sanity back to you, we have given you the option to use our service on a subscription basis, so that selecting the right gift only needs to happen once. Literally once, and you never have to think about it again.

Need some suggestions? Allow us. You’re about to learn why we, the Good Day People, are so aptly named. 

Perky Pam: packs a punch. She includes four Taylor & Smith cocktails and a Taylor & Smith gin...to really ensure no one ends the night sober. With four Mr and Mrs White cowhide coasters, a Maison Blanche candle, Good Day chocolate and Fleurieu olives, there is no way to disappoint with this baby.

Beery Barry: Beer. That’s all that needs to be said, right? For those who need further convincing, our selection of beers in this hamper hale from boutique breweries. Containing tinnies from Garage Project, Yulli’s Brews, Colonial Brewing Co and Philter Brewing Co, no palette goes unsatisfied. And what’s the perfect accompaniment to beer? Ask any beer enthusiast: nuts. Wondaree macadamias were an obvious inclusion, and the final piece in the completion of this frothy-top lovers’ hamper. 

Variety Valerie: know a guy whose tastes are a bit ad-hoc? We cater to that, too. Sit tight as we rattle through all the reasons this is the perfect hamper for the guy who doesn’t actually know what he wants. Between the choice of red or white wine (both organic and vegan) from Minimum, a Taylor & Smith cocktail, Cherry Wood corkscrew, our very own Good Day chocolate, Wondaree honey macadamias and a Maison Blanche candle, all palettes are catered to, along with the opportunity to 

Nocturnal Nick: this hamper is classy without even trying. Is there anything sexier than whisky, chocolate, nuts and leather? We’re going to emphasise our point by refusing to dignify it with an answer. It’s really not up for debate. Nikka Whisky is a hand selected and blended Japanese whisky that must be tasted to be believed. And because the perfect drop must be accompanied with the perfect bite, we have included Bahen & Co single origin chocolate and Wondaree chocolate macadamias in the hamper so that dinner is not the last meal of the day. The Anvil Hide Togochi key fob makes sure his keys stay with him, but make it fashion. 

Choose from a selection of uniquely designed packages (cause we believe in judging a book), with a Christmas design also currently available. So sleep well tonight, your hampers for him are sorted.