Getting Down to Business with Corporate Hampers

Be honest, you’ve struggled to find a suitable gift for everyone in the office when the occasion calls for it and the budget has allowed for it, haven’t you? We know…we’ve been there. It is our pleasure to open you up to a world of fun, tubular possibilities. A world so expansive that we are sure you will never leave. Be prepared to bookmark this site to your favourites, we are obnoxiously self-assured that this will become your one-stop shop for all corporate hampers whenever the moment beckons. We’ll make the process even easier by identifying a few of our wildly popular gift tubes that are sure to be a hit in the office. You can thank us either via the Contact Us tab, or in the comments of our social media accounts (or your own). But really, public ‘thank you’s’ are our favourites. 

Has the boss thrown open the purse strings this year? Perky Pam or Whisky Wayne are a no-brainer then. Perky Pam includes a Taylor & Smith Gin, four Taylor & Smith Cocktails, a Maison Blanche Candle, Mr & Mrs Smith Cowhide Coasters, Good Times Good Day Chocolate, and Fleurieu Olives. It may be a good idea to distribute this hamper on a Friday! Whisky Wayne contains Nikka Whisky, Bahen & Co Chocolate, Makoto Jigger and Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts. He is a classy individual. 

Addictive Alice is perhaps the gift you give to the Karen(s) of the office. With so many forms of sugar included, your message cannot be misconstrued. This one includes Misty’s Salted Caramel, Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, Bramble & Hedge Nougat, Fleurieu Olives and Wondaree Salted Macadamia Nuts. Consider your message received. 

Laughing Lisa knows a good time. She includes Poor Tom’s Imbroglio Amaro, Babo Prosecco, Summer Daze Good Day Chocolate and Makoto Jigger. Again: a gift best given on a Friday!

Manly Mark is, well, just that. Many boys (and girls - let’s not typecast) nights ahead with this hamper. Containing Garage Project Bliss Lager, Yulli’s Brews Amanda IPA, Colonial Pale Ale, Philter XPA, Nuts About Garlic & Rosemary Cashews, Tiger Buck Beef Jerky, Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate and HD Foods Bomb Ass Chilli Oil…like the list barely ends. 

Soulful Sally is ready to crack open a bottle of wine and run a bath after a big week of work. She’s got a self-care themed bundle of Minimum Wine, where you can pick between a red, white or rosé, Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate and Addition Studio Scrub Sachet. 

We have provided a bulk order form for the larger teams and workplaces. There is also an opportunity to customise gift options and the packaging and add your company’s logo to it if desired - you just need to indicate this on the form to take advantage of this service. Please note: to qualify for a corporate order we require a minimum order of 20 packs, and a minimum order of 50 packs for customisable packaging. We have supplied corporate hampers to businesses such as American Express, Westpac, Spotify, McGrath, The Iconic and Centurion. What we’re saying is: we’re legit. Contact us with any queries, otherwise have fun shopping the catalogue!