Make Birthdays Great Again!

We don’t want to sound like Buzz Killington, but… the older you get, the worse birthdays get. Remember back when you were in single digits? You knew that you were 7¾. You knew exactly how long it was until you turned 8, and you knew exactly what you wanted. But once you get into your mid 20s, they start to become a bit of a non-event.

Good Day People are here to put an end to this. Non-event? Please… Your birthday should be a public holiday! There should be a marching band! Fireworks! I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but new wooden salad servers probably aren’t gonna rise to the occasion. But a quality hamper? Well, that my friend, is a marching band/fireworks/public holiday wrapped up in a sexy little box. It trumps whatever junk you were going to get for so many reasons.

Number one: Anything you want, you probably have already got.
You’re an adult. You don’t need to beg your parents for loose change anymore. A Good Day People hamper just adds some spice, a bit of colour, a collection of those little goodies make you feel a little fancy: Sticky date caramel, a mulled wine kit, Australian made beef jerky. Just enough to make you feel a bit bougie on your birthday.

Number two: These birthday gift baskets are a shared thing.
And what is better than gifting an experience with someone you love? Whether it be a cocktail in a can, or stone-ground chocolate, you can make birthday memories together. And if you’re keen for a bath scrub and a candle, you can get into your birthday suit on your birthday with a special friend.

Number three: It’s eeeeeasssyyy!
Birthday gift baskets save you the hassle of rushing around trying to gather a wide range of different products. All you need to do is click a few buttons and you’re sorted. We aren’t talking about a last-minute charge down the aisle at Woolies either. It’s a boutique collection of handmade products from artisanal producers. We’re talking stone ground chocolate from a farm in West Oz, handmade fairy floss made from locally sourced sugars.

So happy birthday! May you receive a fireworks/marching band/public holiday hamper. We’ve got a wide range of hampers, all awesomely alliterative! Take a quick peak at a few of the dozens of birthday gift baskets we’ve got waiting for you.

Sharer Sarah

If a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, Sarah is a genuine pill pusher. Not really. But she is very sweet. We’ve thrown in handmade fairy floss, nougat, chocolate, roasted macadamias. Offset of course, by a bottle of gin (infused with lemon myrtle and orange zest) and your choice of red or white wine.

Sensible Steve

The Steve is for that friend who loves an itinerary. You know the guy, he loves a spreadsheet and the Fin Review. It comes with an elegant watch from The Horse; leather band and minimalist watch face. A sparkling white for a classy night in, and some stone-ground chocolate.

Whiskey Wayne

Wayne is that kinda guy who could have been a lumberjack in a past life. His pack contains a smooth Japanese distilled whiskey with a stainless steel jigger if you’re not a fan of the free pour. It’s partnered with roasted macadamias and stone ground chocolate, produced from bean to bar from a little farm in West Oz. So long Cadbury, you’ve moved on to bigger and better things!

Make birthdays great again! Get yourself a basket from Good Day People and bring back that spark of joy. Shop our range today.