The older you get, the harder we reckon it is to gift your parents good birthday presents. The days of getting away with pasta necklaces, finger painting, and paper mache are long gone (asssuming at the age of five, you haven’t happened upon our site). There has to be a point when topping up your Dad’s underwear and sock supply gets weird, too. And it’s not like you’re in a position to buy them a car or pay off their mortgage - you’re not Elon Musk, for goodness sake! So what do you do? 

Well. You’ve arrived on our site, so it can’t be any mystery that we are about to provide you solutions that feature on it!

Birthday hampers Australia. Good Day People birthday hampers, to be more specific. 

Hear us out. When you arrived on our homepage, you will have already been intrigued by the unusual packaging of these so-called ‘hampers’. Yes - we believe a hamper can present in a tube. And so far, a lot of you seem to agree! If you stuck around long enough, you will have noticed that their contents are fun, delicious and dare we say it: trendy. They’re also all sourced from within Australia. 

It is a fresh, and we think, direly-needed, take on the outdated hampers that conjure up nostalgic images of wicker baskets, shortbread cookies (nothing against shortbread), and filler products that you’ve never heard of. We can guarantee that there is a very high chance you’ve heard of many of the products we stock in our hampers. 

Let us take you a few of our hampers, and trust us, you’ll have your birthday presents to your parents covered for the rest of their lives.

Soulful Sally: she seems like a shoe-in for your Mum (no judgement if you think your Dad will get more enjoyment out of this one). She contains a premium block of Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, a bottle of Minimum wine; red, white or rosé (your choice), and Additonal Studio Australian Native Body Scrub. Parenting is hard (so we hear) - gifting your parents Soulful Sally will take the edge off for a second!

Brunchin’ Betty: She’s got everything your parents need for a slow, sleepy morning. Here’s what they’re in for: Mayde English Breakfast Tea or 2x cans of ST. ALi Cold Brew, Adelia Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix, Escuminac Pure Maple Syrup and Misty’s Salted Caramel spread. And no, this is not an excuse to organise brunch at Mum and Dad’s! 

Dependable Dave: It’s time for Dad to have some fun. With contents that include four tinnies (one each from the following breweries: Yulli’s Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA, Colonial Brewing Co Pale Ale, Garage Project Bliss, and Philter Brewing Co XPA), Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, Fleurieu Olives, Nuts-About Garlic & Rosemary Cashews, and Falwasser Natural Charcoal Crispbread. Dad’s about to be rewarded for all of his dependability! 

Snacky Jackie: She contains all the things your Mum or Dad probably want, but will never buy for themselves. Including a bottle of red, white, pet nat or non-alcoholic wine, Ferm Living Ripple Caraf set, a Taylor & Smith Cocktail, Mount Zero Olives, Messina Chocolate Hazelnut spread, and a block of Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, there will be no disappointment over this hamper. Time for your parents to get their snack on!

Sensible Steve: Is this an apt description of your Dad? Well it is of this hamper, too. Sensible Steve contains The Horse Watch: The Original (with colourway options available), a bottle of Better Half chardonnay pinot noir, Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, and Maya Sunny Honey: Macademia Crunch. You can be sensible and indulgent, we’ve checked. This is the perfect choice of our birthday hampers Australia for your five-year plan father. 

Active Aaron: He embodies the kind of person who is loyal to the core, gets the job done, and works hard to play hard. That sound like your Dad? Well this is the hamper for him. Active Aaron includes a bottle of red or white Minimum Wine, an Anvil Hide Togichi Key Fob, a Taylor & Smith Cocktail, Bahen & Co Madagascar Chocolate, and Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts. 

As birthdays come around every year (we know: groundbreaking), you will soon have the option to set up a hamper gift delivery routinely via our subscription service. Never again will you have to call your Mum or Dad the day after their birthday with your tail between your legs because you’ve forgotten. This is good news, right?! As the self-professed Good Day People, this tracks!

Check out the Birthday collection (found under ‘Collections’ on the drop-down menu) to view the whole range of hampers suitable for any birthday. Our hampers are ever-growing, so be on the lookout for new personalities and fun, new goodies inside!