Tubes Are the New Boxes

There were many reasons that inspired the conception of Good Day People. Among them, was the desire to disassociate the word ‘hamper’ from the outdated picture of wicker baskets and non-descript chocolates that are conjured up at its mention. So we made our hampers tubular. Unconventional, we know. But with plenty of uniquely designed packages to choose from, rest assured that we put as much of a focus on what’s on the outside as is on the inside.  

With Christmas fast approaching, consider this your official invitation to ditch the bulkier Christmas gift boxes in favour of getting all of your shopping sorted with us. Streamlined tubes: they’re clean, they’re compact, and their contents remain completely concealed until they’re ready to be opened. 

Most Christmas gift boxes are made of synthetics and other non biodegradable materials that take many lifetimes to decompose back into the earth - if they do at all. We have taken extreme care to make sure that our packaging is recyclable and planet friendly. And because reducing your carbon footprint does not stop at choice of materials, we have implemented carbon offset delivery, so that we are not contributing to pollution to get your precious cargo to you or its recipient. 

There are five gift package designs to choose from, because variety is, indeed, the spice of life. How good are options! We’re just giving you ample reason to arrive on our site and never want to leave it. With an extensive array of packages and package designs on offer, we are essentially holding you hostage behind bars of voluntary confinement in a prison of possibilities. 

You have never been able to hide wine and other forms of alcohol so well as you will within our very accommodating tubes. No more quick stop offs to two dollar shops for wine bags...imagine. Your gifts remain a complete mystery to their recipient until they pop the cap off our tubular packages and revel in its premium contents. 

If you are ordering for corporate functions, make sure you fill out our Corporate Enquiry form so we can deliver the best options for the event. Orders of 50+ hampers are eligible for custom designed packaging. We are happy to work with you to offer a design especially representative of your workplace, with its logo included. 

With Christmas just around the corner, the Good Day People gift tubes will sit proudly under any tree, towering over other Christmas gift boxes with obnoxious airs of prestige and superiority. And that’s really what Christmas is all about...right? 

Bonus pro of tube versus boxes: the Instagram-able qualities of your tree go up by at least 70% with us underneath it.