‘Tis the season for way too much food, gatherings with family members you see at no other point in the year and last minute dashes to the shops to buy a gift for your cousin’s friends and their kids, who had nowhere else to go on this blissfully stressful occasion. Three deep breaths: inhale, exhale….we’re here to help. Let us put the eas(e) back into season's greetings for you so that you can focus on the important things; like remembering whether Aunty Cheryl is lactose or glucose intolerant. 

Chrissy Missy wants to show you a conservatively good time with all the Christmas staples; Christmas pudding from Pud, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, Drunken Sailor Peach, Vanilla & Brandy Jam and your choice of red or white wine from Minimum. This one is not for sharing.

Of our Christmas hampers, Tinsel Terry believes you can have it all. His contents include Breramilano Mini Chocolate Chip Panettone, Pud’s Christmas Pudding, Drunken Sailor Peach, Vanilla & Brandy Jam, Hartshorn Distillery Vanilla Liqueur, Misty’s Salted Caramel and Winnow X Good Day People Jingle Bell Choc. What did we tell ya? This one will last ‘til next Christmas (or one boozy, gluttonous night).

Carolling Candice is for the sweet lovers. If only the melodic tones of her voice were as sweet as her contents. The inclusions of Grandvewe Vanilla Liqueur, Breramilano Mini Chocolate Chip Panettone and Wondaree Chocolate Macadamia Nuts are such a delight to the palate that we’ll forgive her questionable singing abilities. 

Beachy Bella is the perfect choice for the person who’s favourite part about Christmas is that it includes seafood and surf. With a generous selection of alcohol, including the seasonally appropriate Dirt Water seltzers and Poor Tom’s Gin & Tonic and Negroni Spritz, a turkish beach towel, We Feel Good Sunscreen and Fluffe Fairy Floss, all they need is a good book or a surfboard and you’ve just made their summer. 

Nocturnal Nick means business. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, he is comprised of Nikka Whisky, Bahen & Co House Blend Chocolate, Drunken Sailor Beetroot & Gin Relish, Anvil Hide Togichi Key Fob and Wondaree Roasted Chocolate Macadamia Nuts, it is everything everyone didn’t know they wanted. 

Soulful Sally knows self care like the back of her freshly moisturised hand. She includes a block of Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub and a choice between Minimum Red Wine, White Wine or Rosé. The lucky recipient is going straight home to mask up, scrub up and drink up. Cheers to that. 

If you are spoilt for choice (we take that as a compliment) or just have no idea if your Great Uncle Henry prefers dark chocolate to milk, red wine to white, then we encourage you to opt for a Good Day People gift card, where he can pick his own hamper from our generous selection. That way, it’s a Good Day for everyone. 

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