Good Day Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year, and naturally, I’ve got my eye on a few things. You can keep the bikes and game consoles for the other kids, coz there are some banging Christmas hampers which would suit my interests much better.

First up, I would loooove a Merry Jerry. It’s fun to say, and fun to consume! It has a gingerbread tree which you can construct and then eat. That is a very rare combination. It also has Good Day chocolate which is made in the Blue Mountains and has rice puffs and coconut to give it sparkle. The supermarket stuff you got me last year was nice, but I’m keen to step it up this year. Lastly, they’ve got this fairy floss which is so smooth, that it makes the regular stuff feel like sandpaper. I gotta warn you Santa, this sells out, so your elves will need to get onto that ASAP.

If your elf gets lost or frostbitten, I would also really like a Tinsel Terry (it rhymes with the Merry Jerry which tickles me). They start with this christmas pud that is 100% Aussie vine fruits, butter free range eggs and Brandy from the Barossa valley. Even though I eat myself silly on Christmas day, there is always room for a bit of christmas pud. It also includes Breramilano panettone which comes straight from Milan. It’s fluffy, it’s chocolatey… I think I’ve said enough. Let’s not forget about the salted caramel spread, locally made chocolate and the peach vanilla and brandy jam either! There is a vanilla liqueur which apparently goes super well with chilled apple juice, but I swear I will give that to mum to hold onto until I’m 18. Probably.

Or actually Santa, the Perky Pam would also be amazing! Picture this! Four seasonal cocktails from an artisanal brewery in Tassie, and they’re sealed in wax! They look great and taste even better (according to mum). They’ve also sent up some gin, infused with Huon Valley apples and water from an Alpine lake in the highlands of Tassie. The Terry includes Fleurieu olives from the McLaren Vale region, and chocolate from the blue mountains. I’d be supporting Aussie producers! This christmas hamper also includes a candle (I’ll be safe, promise) and cowhide coasters from New Zealand. I think my room could do with that kind of class. Please, and thank you.

Final offer: If these haven’t convinced you, I would also love the Variety Valerie: Mum’s choice of red or white, a seasonal cocktail from that distillery in Tassie, a cherrywood corkscrew that comes in a vegan leather pouch (which is pretty environmentally considerate, I think). There is also chocolate from the Blue Mountains, Honey from the Atherton Tablelands of Queensland, and a candle to help me chill out after receiving such incredible Christmas hampers.

So there are four options. But to be honest, there are like 25 christmas hampers, and any of these will be amazing.

Thanks Santa. You rock.


Little boy.