Traditional‌ ‌Anniversary‌ ‌Gifts‌ ‌With‌ ‌A‌ ‌Modern‌ ‌Flair‌

People only miss an anniversary once. Either they are so traumatised that they never forget again, or they don’t have anybody that same time next year. About 85 years ago, the American National Retail Jeweler Association released a list of gifts which should be exchanged for each different anniversary year. One year is paper. Two years is cotton, and so on. A ploy to sell more jewelry, a la Hallmark creating Valentines Day? Maybe. Something you can ignore? Definitely not.

Good Day People have a wide range of anniversary hampers, many of which tie very closely to this tradition of gift giving.

First Anniversary - Paper

The Serene Irene is one of our most thoughtful hampers. Of course, it is opulent and lavish; think her choice of red or white wine, an Addition Studio bath soak, and a block of fair trade chocolate, grown from bean to bar on a little farm in West Oz. But we also include a book of 52 poems and watercolours, one for each week of the year. This gift keeps on giving, right up until your next anniversary.

Third Anniversary - Leather

Woah, hold on now. Buying leather without talking about it first can be a little bit risque. But there is zero risk in buying the Jazzy James. Our cowhide coasters are handmade across the ditch in a New Zealand tannery, and each one is completely unique and special (just like the relationship you’re celebrating). Say cheers to three wonderful years with a glass of champagne, and stone ground chocolate from Bahen & Co. We couldn’t decide whether we were more impressed with Macadamias roasted in honey, or the jar of Yellow Box honey garnished with macadamias, so we included both. You be the judge.

Sixth Anniversary - Sugar

Oh boy. Are you in for a treat! The Jittery Jess contains fairy floss that is handmade in Sydney from locally sourced sugars. It is light, fluffy, and your inner child will be bouncing off the walls! But there is no parent to tell you off anymore so go nuts. The hamper also contains one of our favourite staples; the bar of Bahen & Co milk chocolate. You can feel good about indulging your sweet tooth, because this stone ground chocolate is made ethically. Bahen & Co pay above fair trade prices to respect the hard work of the farmers. If you’re concerned about the amount of sugar, we have included Dirty Water alcoholic Seltzers. With only 1g per can (and 90 calories), they should kinda offset the fairy floss and chocolate. That is how it works, right?

Eighty-fifth Anniversary - Wine.

First of all, that is one hell of a partnership well done! You could consider the Relaxed Rachel, Variety Valerie, the Hilarious Hannah… Secondly, we think you are probably safe to gift wine to your significant other before you turn one hundred, so these could probably slot in any year. 


So, happy anniversary! If you’re keen to pay homage to tradition, but to keep it refreshingly modern at the same time, head to our website (Good Day People) to find a perfect hamper for your special day.