OK Guys, We Need To Talk About Luxury Gift Hampers

We don’t want to make generalisations.

Having said that, guys, we often find it difficult to buy good gifts for the special women in our lives. This fact is made all the worse by her track record of truly thoughtful presents. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas; the fear can become paralysing.

Don’t panic, we’ve got you sorted. Good Day People has done the legwork for you and compiled the most opulent of goodies into a wide range of luxury gift hampers for her. The look on her face when she pulls out things she actually likes; an organic body scrub, artisanal chocolate (so long Nestle) or a boutique Australian made gin… Well, it will almost make up for last year when you got her that surfboard you really wanted

We have over twenty different luxury gift hampers for her, each as individual as the special woman in your life. Let us take you for a quick breeze through a few of our favourites:

The Disco Diana

Anyone fancy feeling a little bit fancy? This box has been personally curated by Diana Chan (she won a little show called Masterchef a few years ago!) and is perfect for when you want to make your special girl feel extra special. Charge your glasses because this hamper comes with a bottle of Bollinger Champagne. No ‘sparkling white’ for her today! Only the best. Then we went pretty nuts with Macadamia. First, salted macadamias, grown in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands in tropical north Queensland, followed by fair trade chocolate mixed with macadamia. Throw in as well an organic body scrub, a hand poured Black Blaze candle, and a pair of cocktails, and she will be overwhelmed with the opulence of it all. 

The Serene Irene

But maybe your girl isn’t the Diana type. Perhaps she is the Enneagram-type-four-introvert-thoughtful-girl who loves to delve deep in her thoughts. Again, we’ve got you covered. The Serene Irene is a journey of relaxation and calmness, starting with a seasonal red or white (her choice, of course), and followed by fair trade chocolate, made from bean to bar in a little farm in West Oz. We’ve also included a bath soak made from the essential oils of native white ochre, clay and fragonia. We’ll supply the calm, you supply the bath. But my favourite part of this hamper is the book of poetry and watercolour by Annette Kelsey. Named ‘52’, each poem or watercolour is specific to a week of the year, so she can spend 365 days being grateful for your thoughtfulness.

The Soulful Sally

There is something beautiful about the understated gift that arrives ‘just because’. The Sally is a more everyday kind of hamper; affordable but thoughtful. Imagine her surprise when she comes home to find a bath run, with an organic Australian made body scrub ready for her. You pass her a glass of wine (your choice of seasonal red, white, or rose), and put the icing on the cake with a block of Bahen & Co. Milk Chocolate (made from bean to bar in West Oz). The gifts that come from nowhere, those are the ones that really make a difference.

Guys, it is time we ended the generalisation. Good gifts are at your fingertips. Let us do the hard work for you.