The Perfect Gift for Overseas Guests!

Well, the world is up and running again (knock on wood), and we’ve started to venture out across oceans, and host people who are doing the same from around the world. Is your home starting to feel like an Airbnb, for all of the friends and family that you are putting up while they are visiting from overseas? We know the feeling! We also know what it is like to have to duck into the shops to find gifts worthy of overseas visitors - ones that stack up in terms of sentimental value and are representative of their stay in this country. Can we all just agree that we are beyond gifting magnets and coasters with iconic Australian landscapes and architecture (love you tho, Sydney Opera House), on them? No? You guys are still into them? Eek…this is awkward.

Though you may still love these two-dollar shop specialties, we’re standing firm on our distaste for them. May we propose instead, a gift basket? Not just any, obviously. One of our Good Day People gift baskets! Not only will it not contain lame filler items like no-name chocolates wrapped in cellophane that has no end, but it will be stocked with items that come from Aussie vendors that WILL ACTUALLY GET USED. A gift hamper is a perfect solution for guests who can have a taste of much of what Australia has to offer, in the way of alcohol, chocolate, olives, nuts and other delicious locally-made preserves, even if they do not make it to the parts of the country that they are produced in. 

Here is a brief guide to gift baskets within our range that showcase the best of Australian products…especially the food!

Aussie Ash is an obvious choice for a gift for a traveling visitor! The representation is in the name! Let me run you through the contents to reveal how easy of a choice this is: Taka Gin, Tasteology Lemon Myrtle Syrup, Indigiearth Saltbush Dukkah, two Tasmanian tonic waters, Wondaree Macadamias and Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate. Some of these goods are created by First Nations businesses, so you get to gift your guests some of the best from around the country, while supporting her first residents! 

Gourmet Greg is another example of products from some of the best vendors from around the country. Complete with Minimum Wine (red or white of your choosing), Drunken Sailor Beetroot & Gin Relish, Olsson’s X Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, Bramble & Hedge Chai, Wild Fig & Raspberry Nougat, and Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch. 

Beery Barry speaks for himself. What is more Australian than a coupl’a tinnies accompanied by some beer nuts (which, in this case, are macadamia)?! The correct answer is nothing! He comes with a tin from Garage Project Bliss, Yulli’s Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA, Colonial Brewing Co Pale Ale, and Philter Brewing Co XPA. Each is brewed within the country, with a few taking inspiration from New Zealand and the US! Hey, we are nothing if not multiculural! The nuts are Wondaree’s own, grown and roasted in Queensland!

Snacky Jackie has got. The. Goods. With a bottle of wine (red, white, Pet Nat or alcohol-free of your choosing), Ferm Living Ripple Carafe Set, a Taylor & Smith cocktail, Mount Zero Olives, Messina Chocolate Hazlenut Spread, and Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, your guests may not even remember anything else on their trip except for this. Seriously. You can’t fail with this one.

Every one of our gift baskets are filled with Aussie-made goods, so they make the perfect gift for anyone visiting the country. Don’t you love a fail-proof gift? No need to thank us, we are Good Day People and it’s what we endeavour to make yours!