Get Your Christmas Gifts Sorted…on the Toilet (If You Must)

I was at my local Westfield the other day and the center was empty; I almost forgot we were a week out from Christmas! The transference of the usual Christmas rush from in-store to online has been relatively gradual, so I wasn’t completely shocked by the sparsity of people within the centre. As an ex-retail worker (and a full-time customer), I’m not at all sorry that the shopping centres now seem void of masses of people, consequent queues and the mad frenzied state of shoppers trying to meet the demands of endless Christmas wish lists. And I bet, neither are the employees! E-commerce is a bigger market than ever before, and a medium that suits Good Day People (and therefore you) down to the ground!

Every industry that has pivoted to enter the e-commerce space has benefitted from the transition as much as you, the consumer, has! With the incomparable advantage of not having to leave your house (or even the doctor’s office, if that’s where you are), you’re an Add To Cart and Complete Purchase away from, well, completing purchase! As your friendly neighborhood Good Day People, this is how we make it a Good Day for you! The process is simple: pick your occasion (where applicable), and then scroll through our vast selection of hampers until you find one that has your recipient’s name all over it. 

Gifting your loved ones Christmas hampers Sydney has all the convenience of any other online retailer, with the added perk of having us deliver it straight to the recipient’s door (so when you tell them it’s in the mail, you’ll mean it!)! You are not limited by proximity either. We can deliver interstate, AND overseas! 

The more you scroll, the more of our fun, zany and bold personalities you’ll get to meet. Not recommended if you are easily overwhelmed by options! Those for whom variety is the spice of life; consider our business the tika masala of hamper retailers. Good Day People hampers will quickly become the gift you get both for the people you know how to buy for and the people you don’t!

Our range of Christmas hampers Sydney is thirty, flirty and thriving! (Except not thirty.) With so many to choose from; both Christmas themed and not, it will be hard not to knock it out of the park this year. With options to add items to existing hampers, you’ll be able to personalise it to suit even the pickiest of people. Even the Karen-iest of Karens will be hard pressed finding a reason to criticise your gift choice! As soon as you arrive at our site, the question goes from what on earth am I going to get (insert name)?! to which ONE am I going to get (insert name)?! The options are endless.*

Join the legions of people who are giving chaotic car parks and shops that are swarming with people a miss, in favour of sitting at your work desk, settled into the couch or, hell, even in the bath! to check off your gift-giving shopping list. We’re telling you: THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO THIS! To be honest, you could conquer your entire shopping list from the toilet. Though we feel it important to note that this is gross and we do not condone it. Like seriously, leave your phone out of there. Instagram will still be there when you get out! 

*they’re obviously not. There will come a point when there will be no more hampers left to explore! What we are happy to tell you, though, is that it might still take you a while!