Five Good Reasons You'll Love Our Gift Baskets

They say it is better to give than to receive. Whoever ‘they’ are had clearly never received a gift basket from Good Day People, because, damn… that’s something else! A little bit fancy, and a whole lotta fun. We could go on and on, but here are five good reasons why you should send a hamper next birthday, christmas, or just because.

1. It’s full of boutique bits you might not have found

We don’t want to be presumptuous, but it’s unlikely that you would go as far and wide to find the same boutique artisanal products. Our rolodex is deep. Whether it be a farm in West Oz that grows cocoa beans, grinds them and packages them onsite, or makers of nougat from Melbourne; we’ve sussed it for you. When you pull goodie after goodie out of a hamper which can’t be found on any supermarket aisle, you just feel a little bit boujee in all the right ways.

2. Everything fits together

Like a well put together outfit, everything in our hampers compliments the other. Perhaps it’s a hamper with Japanese whiskey, a stylish jigger, and salt roasted macadamias. That right there is a hell of an evening all in one hamper! And helpfully, we’ll partner it with some coffee in case you’re feeling a little bit dusty the next morning. It all just works together.

3. One for every occasion

A special woman in your life has just given birth; why not gift her a hamper stocked with lactation cookie mix and a muslin wrap? We also throw in a bath scrub and a non-alcoholic cocktail, cos that woman still needs to feel like a woman, after all! A special guy in your life just graduated; why not send him a collection of craft brewed tinnies, chilli oil and beef jerky? We could go on and on. Anniversaires, birthdays, christmas. They’re always specific, and always terrific.

4. Presentation is already sorted

Have you ever bought an array of presents for someone and realised that you’re going to have to either go and buy a basket or suffer the shame of giving it to them in a Woolies bag? All your hard work undone at the final hurdle by the presentation! Our hampers are beautifully packaged and designed to be as enticing as the gifts that wait within. So long to the wicker basket and tacky cellophane. You’ll have a choice of design, each one is modern and classy. They’re also recyclable so you and the earth can both have a good day.

5. Easy and fast

We never close. You can browse our website at 3am to find something perfect, and with a few single clicks, you can rest easy. It will be on its way ASAP. Also, our delivery company is 100% carbon neutral so everything about the gift hamper is good. Also, don’t tell anyone, but it’s much easier to show up empty handed saying ‘Oh, it hasn’t arrived yet?’ and then ordering it from the bathroom minutes later. Transfer the blame to the postman. It’s a genius move.

There you go. All pros, no cons. You can literally gift a good day to someone in your life. 

Get amongst it!