Good Day People X International Justice Mission

From the top left corner of our website to the bottom right (by which we mean: the menu to the T&Cs), we have stamped fun over it with so much enthusiasm and recklessness you would think we were stamping on grapes! We could think of nothing better than creating a business around providing hampers that give someone a Good Day. 

In spite of our commitment to providing levity and Good Days, it would be a damaging kind of ignorance to orchestrate them without acknowledging those for which Good Days are few. There is, undoubtedly, shade wherever there is light, and though it is often not fun to talk about, it is imperative. Good Day People is honoured to partner with International Justice Mission Australia (IJM), the AU/NZ arm of the largest anti-slavery organisation globally. Financial struggle often makes people vulnerable to violence and control, which is why IJM is working tirelessly to undo the iron-like thread that binds poverty, violence and slavery together. 

By 2030, IJM aims to have rescued millions, protected half a billion and provided justice for the poor that cannot be reversed. Although no one is immune to bad days, we feel it is irresponsible to pretend that bad days aren’t a scale upon which some people keep drawing the short straw. Good Day People has made a commitment to making donations to IJM, so whatever hampers, Brisbane to South Australia, that you choose, we hope that you do so with the knowledge that our commitment to making it a Good Day for people extends beyond you, our valued customers.

While we pack hampers and ship them out to your loved ones, IJM counts it a productive day when they have made progress toward freeing people from the imprisonment that poverty has influenced. 

The light in this otherwise particularly heinous display of shade is that the work of IJM is yielding results. Following the organisation’s Instagram account is to bear almost daily witness to the impact they are having toward the plight of justice on a global scale. As this is written, IJM has detailed on its Instagram account just four days prior that a Queensland man has been jailed for four years for child abuse material offences. This is a reminder that criminal offences of such severity do happen within the proverbial four walls of our country. As with any organisation, progress is largely relative to financial funding. 

As Good Day People takes delight in making your day a good one (so much so, that we doubled down by making it our business name), we feel a passionate obligation to facilitate in the Good Days of people who perhaps have fewer than most.  

While one day, we hope to be able to provide consistent financial contributions to this organisation, as it stands, our donations to them are made only at Christmas time. So if you need to get Christmas presents sent around the country, consider sending one of our Good Day People hampers Brisbane, Western Australia, Tasmania…wherever it needs to go! You will be contributing toward the figure we are able to donate toward this inarguably worthy cause. Doesn’t hurt that it sorts out Christmas presents for local or interstate loved ones either! 

We will resume fun and play on our site, all for the purpose of levity and Good Days for anyone who purchases and/or receives our gift hampers, but we will never do it by prioritising ignorance toward people groups and corners of the globe that demand our help. At the risk of sounding hideously passé, Good Day People hampers are the gift that keeps on giving!

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