The expression goes, don’t trust a person who doesn’t like dogs. And tbh…we don’t. But we also don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like chocolate! There is never an occasion that doesn’t call for some form of chocolate. It is usually the flavour of choice in birthday cakes, the thing people have high up in their pantries (no matter how holistic their lifestyle), and a woman’s vice when the time of the month arrives. 

If you are looking for a reason to shop sweet hampers (as though you need one), let us give you a few!

Remedying a broken heart:

Sometimes it’s not enough that we beg people to not break our heart, our achy breaky heart. Broken hearts happen. We can’t prevent them, but we can offer sweet hampers to make it less achy. Check some out below! 

Fruity Fiona will almost make her recipient look forward to a break up! We hear tears mix well with face masks! You haven’t heard that? Huh. Just us then. Either way, the two included in the hamper will be there for you in a way your partner never was. On the topic of loyalty, the bottle of booze will nurse a broken heart back to relative health! You even get to pick your poison, with a choice between champagne, or red, white, rosé, or non-alcoholic wine. No sweet hamper is complete without chocolate, obviously, so the Bahen & Co Raspberry & Rose Chocolate really steps up to the plate!

Jittery Jess has also got damage control in mind! Diagnosis: broken heart. Prescription: two face masks, Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, a packet of Fluffe, A Glass Of (Wine), and Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub.

Yes, it’s a very specific prescription, but we are yet to hear that it is unsuccessful!

Mental health management:

While it could never replace a mental health professional, we think there is a direct correlation between sweet things and improved mood. This is not at all scientifically-backed…just a ruling made by the court of public opinion! Far be it for us to argue, so please see below for some sweet hampers that will help someone you love get out of a rut.

Brunchin’ people are happy people, and if the day’s agenda is to spend it in pyjamas, why not bring brunch to them? Brunchin’ Betty includes Adelia Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix, Misty’s Salted Caramel, Escuminac Pure Maple Syrup, and Tea or Nitro Coffee from Pablo & Rusty’s. 

Tricky Vicki refuses to be enjoyed until your mind is turned firmly off and the bathtub tap, on! She’s got the goods to help with this, including Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate, a packet of Fluffe, Addition Studio Bath Soak, a bottle of Champagne, or red, white, rosé, or non-alcoholic wine, and Addition Studio Body Scrub. No intrusive thoughts welcome here!


There is no better time to get gifting sweet hampers than holidays like Easter or Christmas! Of course, we have a selection for both occasions. Check out a few of them below:

The Sweet Sunny Easter gift hamper will last its recipient until the Easter following! Packed with chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, this hamper contains Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate, Messina Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Chocilo Easter Egg Carton, Chocolatier Speckle Magic Milk Chocolate Egg, a Travel Candle, and Good Day Chocolate (seasonal). ‘Tis the season?

Carolling Candice invites you to start decking the halls, December is here! While we go into a mild state of shock that the season is already upon us every year, the halls won’t deck themselves! Mix up your Christmas gifts this year with a hamper that includes red or vanilla liqueur, a Panettone, and Wondaree macadamias.