When in Doubt - Sugar Is the Answer with Our Sweets Hampers

We have good news: gone are the days of tearing your hair out (dramatic) trying to rack your brain for a gift for someone you love, like or possibly can’t stand. Those obligatory presents? The ones you have to purchase for a team of people on a tight corporate budget? Or for dinner at your in-laws, because they’ve drummed into you the inexcusable rudeness of showing up to any occasion empty handed? They’re a pain (the presents, that is). 

Enter: us. The Good Day People. We are here to pacify your mother-in-law, provide rave-worthy gifts that’ll make you the hit of the office and turn the hamper industry upside down by daring to disassociate the term from wicker baskets and brands of chocolate no one’s ever heard of. 

Our range is generous. Cause we know your mother-in-law is....particular. Boozy, boujee, salty and sweet hampers, our wide assortment of hampers is filled with goods that are sourced from small businesses within Australia. Loyalty - we’re into it. 

Let me break down some of our sweeter characters for you, and why they are the solution to most of your present-giving quandaries. 

Is there a perfect way to say you’re sorry? There is now. Easygoing Eleanor is the one you give when you’ve got some reaaaal sucking up to do. From Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat to the fancy fairy floss, Fluffe, every calorie is an ‘I’m sorry’. Whether it’s for your anniversary or because you forgot it (oops), we are here to save your derriere. Forgiveness is only a couple of bites and a martini cocktail away…

Sassy Sophie is for the one in your life who thinks salt is sacrilege. Not a grain of it to be seen in this one. Instead: chocolate you can drink, chocolate from Guatemala, our very own Good Day Chocolate and honey coated macadamia nuts. Does someone in your life need sweetening? This is the one for them. Send your pointed message with sugar and not words. 

Sensible Steve is for the boujee-er babes among us. This sweet hamper oozes class, with Bahen & Co Guatemalan chocolate, Maya Sunny Honey, sparkling wine and a watch from The Horse to boot. It’s a night of sweet treats followed by whispered sweet nothings with this one. You didn’t know your calories could be classy, did you? 

Brunchin’ Betty makes my mouth drool just typing about it. Grab your book from the nightstand, pull up your doona cover, and then pull it back down because the pancakes won’t make themselves. (Sorry, butler not included.) With a choice between Barrel One’s canned Cold Brew or Mayde Tea English Breakfast tea leaves, Adelia Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix, Pepe Saya Passionfruit Curd and Misty’s Salted Caramel, this is truly the gift for the person who has everything. Except if they have diabetes. Not then. 

Non-existent statistics dictate that there is nothing that chocolate can’t fix. Although they are completely unverified, we here at Good Day People are pretty confident in the assertion. So if it’s a sugar coma you want to give, then follow us to our selection of sweet hampers. We’ve got many more to introduce you to.