Have you ever been a part of a business that is really half-assed when celebrating employees' professional milestones? Maybe it was your ten year anniversary with the company, and all you got was a footnoted shout out at the bottom of the weekly email. Or you levelled up in your professional skill set through completion of tertiary studies, and all they could muster up for the occasion was an A4 certificate printed out (using black ink only, obviously).  

Or maybe you are the one responsible for adding the footnoted congratulations or printed out certificate to acknowledge the occasion. Look, we get that acknowledging the various milestones is not what you show up everyday to do, but we have made a really simple, and dare we say it - fun - way to incentivise your employees to commit to earning the congratulations they are seeking!

So if you’re an employer reading this, don’t look away! This is your opportunity to dramatically improve work culture by giving due credit to your employees on their celebratory milestones!

If you wanna fully commit to the refreshment of corporate gift-giving in your company, we even offer corporations the chance to customise our corporate hampers with your company logos and designs on the packaging. You will need to forward plan a little to receive the premium corporate hampers! Customisation of canisters requires a minimum order of 25 hampers, and a lead time of 4 weeks to produce. A fee of $500 plus GST applies to incur a one-off design, set up and print. 

If you don’t see any hampers on site that you think fill the brief for your corporation, then the custom option will also enable you custom product curation. Seriously: choosing corporate gifts is about to become the most coveted role in the business!

You can still find many fantastic corporate hampers without choosing the custom options. With so many collections to look through, you may have a hard time narrowing your choices down to the required amount. 

If you need more convincing then we’re gonna have to pull out the big guns. There’s no better way to prove we’re a great solution to your corporate gift-giving needs than to let you have a geezer at all of the businesses that have used us within their corporations already. Far be it for us to do it, but any chance you can pick up all the names we’re about to drop? Ta! (We’ll make it quick.)


The Iconic

St George 

American Express

Open Universities

Ten Network


Bank of China

LJ Hooker




I hate to be *that guy*…but I could go on!

Personally, I have worked for a business that distributed a hamper to each sub-division of the workplace at Christmas-time. I feel confident enough to speak on behalf of all of us when I say that it was the most un-exciting gift we have received….and (in our boss’ defence) not for lack of effort! It is circumstances like these that inspired the birth of our business. When they are the rule and not the exception, you realise there is a massive hole in the market. One that we have had great fun filling! 

Our commitment to making it a Good Day is not exclusive of the workplace! Whether it’s around holidays, birthdays, or to celebrate professional milestones, there’s no reason why corporate gifts should lack pizazz! Gifting Good Day People’s corporate hampers are a great way to make your employees feel like more than a number in the workplace. Valued employees are happy employees! Happy employees are loyal employees. 

See how we specialise in Good Days?