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Push Presents Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide

Growing a human is hard work. Your body is changing rapidly, you might have swollen feet, have to pee all the time, have sleepless nights, and be hungry non-stop. What a wild ride! Pregnancy and birth don’t get enough credit, but they’re some of the most difficult, or at least intense, things a person can go through. If you currently are or ever have been pregnant, you deserve not only to be respected but celebrated.

Many of us get presents for birthdays, holidays, weddings, why not for babies? No, we’re not talking about the necessary gear you get during a baby shower. Although we’re not complaining about that! At the ‘end’ of this journey, you get the best present of all of course – a baby (or two). But don’t you think that you should be rewarded along the way? We think so too. That’s where push presents come in from Good Day People!

What is a Push Present?

A push present, also known as ‘baby baubles’, is exactly what it sounds like – a present for a person who pushed out a baby, or had a belly birth of course. C-sections are just as much work as a vaginal birth. Push presents are typically given to the pregnant person from their partner or spouse, but they can also be given by close family members or friends. They are typically given right before, at, or after birth. We try to push for inclusivity in everything we discuss. The same is true for lighthearted topics like push presents. You deserve to be celebrated no matter what your journey to parenthood looks like. While push presents are typically for the pregnant person, they’re great for non-gestational parents, adoptive parents, and anyone else who is on the parenthood journey. Why should someone get a push present? Well for one, just being them. Secondly, it’s not just your body that changes during pregnancy. Your hormones, emotions, your whole identity are changing. Not to mention the time showing up to appointments and ultrasounds, all while balancing work, life, and possibly other children. Push presents acknowledge this change and are a way of showing appreciation for a pregnant person.

The History of Push Presents

So how did this awesome tradition start? Supposedly, the history of push presents originated in India hundreds of years ago. It’s modeled after a ritual called Godh Bharai, which is like a traditional baby shower. Here the family, mother-to-be, and unborn baby are celebrated and blessed. In Hindi, Godh Bharai means to ‘fill the lap’, so it makes sense that the mother or birthing person is showered with gifts during the event. These gifts often consist of feasts of fruits and sweets. This celebration is typically held around seven to eight months of pregnancy, and also asks the pregnant person to rest, and avoid chores and errands – a gift in itself.

The idea of a push present has started to grow in popularity in Western cultures since about 2010, thanks in large part to social media. Here we see examples of celebrities and the ultra-wealthy giving big extravagant push presents like J.Lo’s 2.5 million dollar earrings or Kim Kardashian’s million-dollar choker necklace. The idea of a push present can be a little weird and add to the comparison game that happens on social media. But that’s not the goal. At the heart of it, push presents are a way of recognizing and commemorating the journey of pregnancy, and all that it comes with. They’re not about showing off, although it’s totally fine if that’s what you want to do.

So what kind of things can a non-celebrity ask for their push present?

Push Present Ideas

Don’t let the expensive jewelry and cars you see on social media deter you. A push present is anything that the birthing person will love and find meaningful, and is within your budget.

Here are some great push presentation ideas:

  • A vacation, also known as a “babymoon”.
  • Thoughtful yellow gold or white gold jewellery, this could include the baby’s birthstone.
  • A fancy coffee machine – you’ll need it!
  • A spa package is a wonderful gift
  • A smartwatch or new tech product, you might be spending a lot more time than usual on your phone.
  • Luxurious sheets – you deserve all the rest during and after pregnancy. Remember that it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant.
  • A Good Day People Gift Hamper with some of the crowd favourites being: Hilarious Hannah, Refined Ruby, Warm Whitney, and Relaxed Rachel. With so many popular push gifts, Good Day People is your one stop push present gift shop.

The Journey to Motherhood needs a Good Day People Gift Hamper

The journey towards becoming a parent can be difficult no matter what it looks like for you. Even if it was easy, or somewhere in the middle – everyone deserves a push present that’s meaningful for them. If you’re pregnant and hoping for a push present, don’t be afraid to drop hints or be explicit about what you want. You earned it – and then some!

Welcoming a new life into the world is nothing short of miraculous. The journey of pregnancy is replete with its own trials and triumphs — swollen feet, endless cravings, and the unparalleled anticipation of meeting the little one. For all the soon-to-be mothers riding the rollercoaster of pregnancy, it's not just about the destination (hello, adorable baby!), but also about cherishing the voyage. And what better way to do so than with a thoughtful push present?

Unwrapping the Joy of Push Presents

So, what's a push present, you ask? Picture this: a token of admiration for the marvel that is childbirth, a gesture celebrating the grit it takes to bring new life forth — be it through natural delivery or a C-section (we're all about inclusivity here!). It's typically a gift from a partner or spouse, but hey, why not from a friend, a parent, or even from you to you? And at Good Day People, we've got the perfect assortment of gift hampers for this very celebration.

Push Presents: A Gift of Gratitude for Every Parent

The beauty of push presents lies in their universal appeal. Whether you're the one who's been carrying the bundle of joy or you're an adoptive parent, a co-parent, or simply a phenomenal support system — there's a push present that’s just right for you. It's about honouring not only the physical but also the emotional metamorphosis that parenting brings.

The Tradition of Honouring New Mums

Tracing its roots back to the vibrant traditions of India, the concept of push presents has bloomed over centuries. Inspired by the festive ceremony 'Godh Bharai' — a precursor to the modern baby shower — this ritual is steeped in the ethos of pampering expectant mothers with gifts, rest, and a temporary reprieve from household chores. Fast forward to today, and this tradition has found its way to Australian shores, magnified by the glitz of social media and celeb culture. But strip away the gloss, and you’ll find its essence intact — to celebrate the marvels of motherhood.

Ideas for Push Presents That Truly Impress

Forget the bling and glitz — your push present need not be a flashy testament to your journey. Good Day People offers gift hampers that blend luxury with practicality. Think babymoon experiences, bespoke jewellery with a touch of personal significance, or even a high-end coffee machine for those sleepless nights. And for the comfy cuddles and late-night feeds, why not indulge in a luxurious robe and slippers?

But let's not forget — the best push presents are those that resonate on a personal level. Whether it's a sleek piece of tech to keep you connected or lush sheets for that well-deserved rest, what matters is the sentiment behind the present.

Dropping Hints for Your Push Present

Being a mum is a full-time gig, and if there's something specific that you believe will make the journey sweeter, don't shy away from hinting — or stating outright — your push present preference. After all, if anyone's earned the right to a little extra pampering, it's you, the super mum.

With Good Day People, finding the perfect push present is effortless. Our array of curated hampers for new mums brims with the promise of quality, care, and the joy of unwrapping something truly special. From the comforts of home to the little luxuries that make each day brighter, our push present solutions are designed to delight.

This Mother's Day, or any day that a new mum deserves recognition, choose from the best selection of push presents in Australia with so many perfect gifts to choose from. Trust Good Day People to deliver a thoughtful gift that celebrates the remarkable journey of motherhood, each hamper a homage to the endurance, love, and sheer wonder that mums bring into our lives.

Whether near or far, let Good Day People be the conduit for your gratitude and love. After all, every mum deserves a push present that's as extraordinary as the life they've brought into the world.

gry and hormonal. It's no wonder that the idea of a push present has become popular in recent years. A push present is a gift that a partner gives to the new mother to show their appreciation for all the hard work and sacrifice she went through during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Meaning Behind a Push Present

The concept of a push present is rooted in the idea of acknowledging the immense physical and emotional challenges a woman endures while bringing a new life into the world. It is a gesture of love, support, and gratitude from the partner, recognising the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

Traditional Push Present Ideas

  1. Jewellery: One of the most popular push present ideas is jewelry. It can be an elegant necklace, a bracelet, or even a ring that holds sentimental value. You can choose birthstone jewellery to symbolise your child's birth month, or opt for customised pieces with the baby's name or initials.
  1. Personalised keepsakes: Another meaningful option is personalised keepsakes. These can include engraved photo frames, custom-made baby blankets or pillows, or even a jewellery box with a special message. These gifts serve as a reminder of the precious moments of pregnancy and the loving bond between mother and child.
  1. Spa or pampering experience: After going the physical challenges of of childbirth, many new mothers appreciate some much-needed relaxation and self-care. Consider treating her to a spa day or a pampering experience, such as a massage or facial. This allows her to take some time for herself and rejuvenate her mind and body.
  1. Personalized jewellery with the baby's birth details: Another meaningful push present idea is to gift her with personalized jewelry that incorporates the baby's birth details. This can include a necklace or bracelet with the baby's name, birthdate, or birthstone. It serves as a beautiful keepsake that she can cherish forever.
  1. Spa or massages at home: If she prefers to stay in the comfort her own home, you can create a spa-like experience by gifting her with bath bombs, essential oils, and candles. You can also arrange for a professional massage therapist to come to yourhome and provide a relaxing massage. This way, she can enjoy the luxury of a spa experience without having to leave the house.
  1. Custom photo album or scrapbook: Create a personalised photo album or scrapbook that captures the moments leading up to the birth of your child. Include ultrasound pictures, baby shower photos, and any other significant moments throughout the pregnancy. This thoughtful gift allows her to reminisce and share the memories of this special time with your growing family.
  1. Birthstone jewellery: Birthstone jewellery is a classic and timeless push present idea. Each month has its own birthstone, and you can choose a piece of jewelry that features the baby's birthstone. From necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets, birthstone jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of your child.
  1. Symbolic gifts: Consider giving her a gift that holds special meaning or symbolism. It could be a charm bracelet with meaningful charms, a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, or even a piece of artwork that represents the love and connection between mother and child. These symbolic gifts serve as a constant reminder of the bond you share.