New Baby Gift Ideas Australia

Every tiny sock, every gentle rattle, holds the promise of joy for newborns and their families. The arrival of a new baby is a time of wonder and celebration, imbued with the hope for a bright future. In the realm of commemorating new life, gifting becomes more than a mere exchange, it's a gesture of love and good wishes.

Navigating the sea of onesies and rattles, it's clear that the perfect gift is a blend of charm and utility. From the plush feel of a baby blanket to the engaging colours of a developmental toy, these offerings stitch together memories and milestones. Choosing a gift for a newborn in Australia is not just about picking an item off the shelf; it's about capturing the essence of welcome and care.

This article invites you on a journey across Australia to uncover the treasures suited for the smallest among us. Whether you're celebrating a baby shower, greeting a new family member, or simply wanting to spread warmth, this guide promises a trove of perfect baby gifts, hinting at the joy and nurturing every child deserves.

Why is Choosing the Right Gift for a Newborn Baby so Important?

Choosing the right gift for a newborn baby is a gesture that symbolizes much more than mere convention. It’s a celebration of new life, a token of support for the new parents, and an opportunity to provide items that are both endearing and practical during those first few months. There’s something inherently joyful about unpacking a baby gift hamper brimming with soft baby blankets, colorful teethers, and plush baby clothes; it shows a deep level of thoughtfulness and care.

The goal isn’t just to provide something off the shelf but rather to ensure that your selected baby presents are useful and appreciated. A new mum hamper, for instance, carefully curated with the essentials like nappies, sensitive wipes, and soothing creams, can offer much-needed respite for parents navigating their new roles. Meanwhile, a gift basket with an array of toys and baby accessories can be a delightful surprise that grows with the child. We’re not just selling a product. We are providing a memorable experience and helping to make each special moment count. This is what makes the Good Day People stand out—our unwavering commitment to enhancing these special times with quality gifts that speak from the heart.

The Significance of Welcoming a New Life

Welcoming a new life into the world is no small affair. It is a joyous and significant event that calls for an equally magnificent celebration. Baby showers and gifting rituals provide a perfect avenue to showcase this celebration with thoughtful gifts that resonate with the occasion.

Fauve + Co and Gifts Australia heed the call to enchant new parents with gift packs and presents tailored to this new chapter. The hand-selected items like baby toys and gift baskets provide a tangible expression of the excitement and love that accompanies the arrival of a newborn. But these gifts go beyond mere items; they are emblems of support, a helping hand to parents in nurturing this newest member of their family. With free wrapping and customizable cards, such gifts bring an extra personal touch, thus making the occasion even more special.

Newborn gifts are more than just presents; they are a form of support and care, a celebration of the beginning of a beautiful journey. By selecting a present that is both charming and functional, you contribute to easing the parents' transition into parenthood and share in the bliss of the baby's arrival.

Creating a Lasting Impression with a Thoughtful Gift

In the tapestry of life, few moments are as precious as the arrival of a new baby. Giving a thoughtful gift to mark this occasion should leave a deep impression, one that is cherished and remembered in the years to come. Personalized baby gift hampers are the embodiment of such intentions. Selecting a gift should be a process of consideration, ensuring that every item is a nod to future memories and moments shared.

Enhance this gesture by choosing baby gift boxes filled with heirloom-quality pieces or baby clothes fashioned from the softest textiles. Consider the addition of a baby girl or baby boy gift hamper complete with quality products that whisper luxury and comfort. These meticulously chosen gifts make for a perfect baby gift that offers both style and sensibility.

As we carefully hand-pack each collection of baby gifts, we focus not just on their aesthetic appeal but on their potential to make a lasting impression. By incorporating bespoke elements and prioritizing natural, safe materials, Good Day People crafts special gifts meant to express kindness, joy, and a good-hearted spirit—never veering into the overly sentimental, yet always warm and considerate.

Remember, the right gift is like a good day bottled into a single, tangible experience; it’s the dose of joy that ties to the memory of a significant life event, making it all the more unforgettable.

The Range of Gift Options for Newborn Babies

The arrival of a newborn baby sparks a myriad of gift ideas that meld practicality with a touch of whimsy. The range of gifts for these tiny recipients is as vast as it is adorable, encompassing not only staples like cozy baby clothes and soothing teething toys but also essentials that make the daily routine smoother for new parents. Imagine the delight of unwrapping a beautifully presented muslin wrap, which is as versatile for swaddling as it is for providing a soft surface for playtime. Pram liners and bib sets, each in a variety of delightful patterns and hues, offer both style and convenience, while sleep sacks ensure the baby remains snug and secure. For those inclined to give a present with a lasting impact, consider personalized baby gifts—an embroidered knitted baby blanket, for instance, offers a bespoke touch, making it a memorable keepsake.

Practical items shouldn't be overlooked—they can make some of the best gifts. A selection of nappies, gentle wipes, and caring bath products are necessities that will be gratefully accepted and used daily. When it comes to bringing relief to the little one, over-the-counter baby medicines are thoughtful additions to any newborn gift set. With such a gorgeous range of gift ideas, there's something to suit every giver's intent and every newborn's needs.

Baby Clothes: Stylish and Practical Choices

Pouring over the selection of baby clothes can be an absolute joy; with every tiny garment, there lies an opportunity to add style and comfort to the newborn's burgeoning wardrobe. Adairs, with its eye for appealing design and thoughtfulness, serves up a wide-array of baby girl presents, from daintily patterned play mats to the softest of blankets, cuddly animal toys, and imaginative dolls. Every gift speaks of the brand's commitment to presenting options that cater to children of varied ages, interests, and needs. The personalized touches don't stop there; knitted baby blankets become heirloom treasures once they're embroidered with the baby's name, accommodating lengthy monikers up to 18 characters. Gifts like the Blush Pink Knitted Personalised Baby Blanket for girls, or the timeless Blue Knitted Blanket for boys, are among the popular picks. Adairs also showcases a line of eco-friendly and Australian-designed baby gifts, ensuring that the giver's choice is as responsible as it is stylish.

Baby Blankets: Cozy and Comfortable Gifts

The baby blanket is a classic gift that has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Gifting an organic diamond knit baby blanket means gifting a product made from super soft GOTS Certified organic cotton, suitable not only for newborns but also older babies and children. These blankets are treasures that span seasons - their unique diamond pattern embodying luxury without compromising the ease of care, as they are conveniently machine washable. Preserving quality and comfort for the little recipient, these blankets symbolize thoughtfulness in every stitched thread. Moreover, with their versatility and enduring appeal, baby blankets are sure to be kept and cherished, enveloping the child in layers of love and softness, season after season.

Baby Toys: Fun and Educational Playtime Options

Toys are not merely playthings but tools for growth, and the Purebaby range understands this perfectly. With a collection of plush toys crafted from natural, baby-friendly materials, Purebaby offers gifts that delight while nourishing the developmental journey of a newborn. These sensory toys stimulate learning in a playful ambiance, allowing the baby to explore, feel, and discover the world around them safely. Beyond their educational value, plush toys from Purebaby can also be whimsically decorative, adding charm to any nursery. From gentle rattles that help grip development to engaging books that softly introduce concepts and sounds, the collection is curated to enhance the baby's playtime with both fun and learning seamlessly intertwined.

Baby Accessories: Essential Items for Everyday Use

Baby accessories are the unsung heroes of parenting, vital for the day-to-day well-being and care of a newborn. From muslin baby wraps that offer a multipurpose solution for swaddling and shade, to pram liners that provide a clean and comfortable space, these essential items ensure that parents are well-prepped for any situation. Bib sets, baby change mats, and sleepsacks gear up families for the messy yet memorable experiences of caretaking. Bottles, teethers, and toys, each serves a dual purpose: aiding in the baby's development while providing entertainment. Practical gifts that blend functionality with care—such as nappies and baby change mats—underscore the thought put into selecting items that maintain the baby's comfort and hygiene. With everyday use in mind, these accessories make perfect, practical gifts for both the newborn and the new parents, easing their daily journey through early parenthood.

Finding the Perfect Gift for a Baby Girl

Seeking the ideal present for a baby girl can often feel like a delightful pilgrimage into the world of pastel hues, delicate textures, and heartwarming personal touches. A popular crowd-pleaser is the personalized gift, particularly soft knitted blankets that come with the option of featuring the baby girl's name – up to 18 characters – charmingly embroidered into the fabric. Among such treasures, the Blush Pink Knitted Personalized Baby Blanket stands out as an enchanting choice for newborn girls, blending utility with a dash of elegance.

Perfect for bestowing at baby showers or welcoming a little one into the world, these gifts cater to the baby's comfort while touching the hearts of parents. The extensive collection of gifts for baby girls doesn't end there; it ranges from practical yet adorable sets inclusive of must-have baby essentials like soft nappies, gentle wipes, and nurturing bath products to whimsical play mats, tender baby blankets, cuddly plush toys, and dolls designed to spark the imagination from the cradle onward.

Adorable Outfits and Accessories for Baby Girls

When it comes to sartorial splendor for the tiniest fashionistas, Adairs has carved out a niche with its array of charming designs and purposeful products. The brand offers an exquisite line of play mats, baby blankets, enchanting animal toys, and delightful dolls, all of which make for impeccable gifts for baby girls. Adairs' curated gift sets are thoughtfully assembled to include essentials such as gentle teethers, cozy baby wraps, and snug baby clothing, with the option of augmenting the sets with additional accessories to suit individual preferences.

The piece de resistance of Adairs' baby girl collection is often the beloved Blush Pink Knitted Personalised Baby Blanket, a gift that arrives in a sleek gift box for effortless giving. This offering, as well as the classic Personalised Blue Knitted Blanket for boys and the endearing Puppy Comforter, showcases Adairs' rapid embroidery, expeditious packing, and swift shipping services – features that greatly enhance the gifting experience.

Personalized and Customizable Gift Ideas

There's a singular joy in presenting gifts that bear a name – an emblem of identity and individuality. In Australia, personalized baby gifts elevate the art of gifting, and the selection extends beyond blankets to items such as bespoke baby shoes adorned with the infant's name. When curating a gift box with multiple bespoke presents, it's practical to have them packed separately if they carry different baby names, ensuring a personal touch for each.

For those looking to blend various items into a singular offering, the Deluxe Baby Gift Hamper presents an appealing and highly customizable solution. This option entices the gift-giver to add a variety of baby items to an established hamper, crafting a present that truly resonates with the recipient's specific tastes and needs.

Moreover, receiving a present that's ensconced in a beautiful gift box adds to the charm. This thoughtful presentation makes personalized baby gifts an impeccable choice for conveyance across Australia, encapsulating a sense of event and delight upon arrival at its destination. The ease with which these custom gifts can be ordered – comprising quick personalization, packing, and delivery – solidifies their standing as heartfelt tokens for extraordinary occasions.

Exploring Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby Boy

Celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby boy can be an exciting time filled with the joy of selecting the perfect gifts to welcome him into the world. Baby boy gift hampers are an excellent choice, offering not just a collection of beautiful products but also a practical array of items parents will surely appreciate.

To start, consider a hamper packed with essentials such as a soft muslin wrap, ideal for swaddling, and a durable, absorbent bib to make meal times a little less messy. Add to this an array of cute outfits – perhaps a mix of sleeveless, short, and long-sleeve bodysuits – for the little man to look dapper in all weather conditions. Wooden rattles and soft cuddly toys can make for engaging tactile play while stimulating the baby's developing senses.

Personalization adds a heartfelt touch to baby gifts. Embroidered items bearing the baby’s name not only make the gift unique but are also treasured keepsakes for years to come. With rapid shipping across Australia, these personalized presents can reach the family swiftly, ensuring your special gift is part of the early celebrations.

Newborn baby gift packs may also include sought-after Jellycat soft toys, known for their plushness and endearing designs, as well as organic clothing that's gentle on baby’s skin. Practical items like shoes, dummies, and muslin wraps complete the ensemble, ensuring baby is outfitted from head to toe with quality and comfort in mind.

For the fashion-forward baby, stylish hampers might feature ensembles such as Fox & Finch Dragon onesies, warm Marquise fleece suits, or the trendy Bébé Angus gift sets. Packaged to perfection, these gifts are not just a delight to unwrap but also offer a diverse range of garments like dragon print onesies and zip onesies that combine cuteness with practicality.

Remember to always consider including items that are not only charming but also serve daily needs, making life a little easier for the new parents while dressing their baby boy in the latest trends.

Cute and Trendy Outfits for Baby Boys

When curating baby boy attire, Adairs stands out with its wide range of stylish and high-quality garments. From everyday wear to special occasions, each piece is designed with the care and attention that little ones deserve. Adairs' offerings extend to a gorgeous range of baby Christmas gifts, featuring holiday-themed apparel that's perfect for capturing festive family photos and creating joyful memories.

Customizable baby boy gift sets ensure that you can add a personal touch to your present, complementing basic items with additional accessories for a comprehensive and thoughtful gift package.

Byron Bay Gifts is renowned for creating unique and premium gift hampers. Their collections often incorporate essentials – such as snug muslin wraps and bibs – with trendy outfits that cater to the modern baby boy's wardrobe needs. A wooden rattle or a plush toy from their selection makes for a playful addition, striking the perfect balance between functionality and style.

When it comes to trendy baby boy outfits, fun designs are abundant. Playful muslin wraps and bibs emblazoned with colorful, child-friendly patterns not only serve their purpose but also add vibrancy to the baby's day. Onesies that feature a zip for convenient changing, soft teething rattles, and plush toys are all practical yet fashionable choices, ensuring that every gift is both useful and stylish.

In summary, when searching for the perfect baby boy gifts, consider a blend of practicality, aesthetics, and personalization to create a memorable and heartfelt offering that celebrates the arrival of the newest addition to the family.

The Importance of Quality and Care in Baby Gifts

When seeking out the perfect baby gifts, it's crucial to prioritize quality and care in each selection. A well-chosen present not only underlines your thoughtfulness but also ensures the safety and comfort of the newborn. The way a gift is presented speaks volumes, with beautifully wrapped items reflecting both the giver's affection and anticipation for the new arrival.

Parents cherish curated baby gift collections that are unique and demonstrate high-quality craftsmanship. These collections often strike a balance between aesthetically pleasing and practical items, carefully assembled to cater to the needs of both the baby and the parents. The significance of quality here is also a matter of safety — items chosen must adhere to high standards to be gentle enough for a baby's sensitive skin and durable enough to withstand the rigors of new parenthood.

Baby shower gifts, in particular, play a pivotal role in showering parents-to-be with the support they need. Thoughtful and high-quality gifts can make a world of difference during this special time, contributing positively to the early stages of the baby's life while easing the parents' transition into their new roles. Gifts for newborns are selected with a dedication to detail and an infusion of love, often featuring natural materials and designs that are not only beautiful but also free from harmful substances.

Selecting Safe and Non-Toxic Products

In the realm of baby gifts, safety is paramount. Parents value eco-friendly and Australian-designed products that offer peace of mind through non-toxic, sustainable materials. Byron Bay, with its commitment to environmental responsibility, provides an impressive array of gifts that are as safe as they are stylish — from organic cotton clothing to handcrafted wooden rattles.

Purchasing baby essentials like nappies, wipes, bath products, or even over-the-counter medicines can be a godsend to new parents. These items are indispensable to a newborn's everyday life, so opting for those without harsh chemicals or irritants is essential. Baby gift bundles that group a variety of these safe and non-toxic products make for an ideal gift, especially when one is unsure of what to buy.

Baby blankets in particular are often held close to newborns' delicate skin, making it imperative to choose options that are non-toxic and safe, providing comfort and warmth without compromising on safety.

Choosing Durable and Long-lasting Items

For gifts that stand the test of time—mirroring the enduring love for the newborn—opt for durable and lasting items. Muslin baby wraps, pram liners, bib sets, and change mats are not only practical but also constructed to withstand frequent use and laundering. The value of a gift is greatly increased when it can accompany a child through many stages of growth and development.

Organic materials further enhance the longevity and comfort of these items, embodying a blend of sustainability and functionality. Gifts crafted from such materials are a testament to forward-thinking choices, reducing the environmental impact while allowing the child to be swathed in pure, gentle fabrics.

Supporting Sustainable and Ethical Brands

When gifting, choosing items from sustainable and ethical brands can have a far-reaching impact. In the heart of the Byron Bay region, artisans and designers weave creativity into high-quality, eco-friendly baby products — supporting these ventures not only bolsters local craftsmanship but also promotes a healthier planet.

Brands like Fauve + Co and Purebaby lead by example, upholding principles of sustainability and ethical production. Their collections, featuring Jellycat toys, organic attire, and other baby essentials, demonstrate a commitment to providing comfortable, stylish, and practical items whilst maintaining ecological and social responsibility.

Ensuring Proper Handling and Packaging for Delivery

The journey of a gift from purchase to presentation is just as important as the item itself. Proper handling and packaging are essential, ensuring that the item arrives in pristine condition and ready for gifting. This is where services like those of Gifts Australia shine through, providing not just gift wrapping and card writing services, but also a smooth delivery process. With options for same-day delivery in metro areas and free standard shipping on larger orders, the convenience provided complements the quality of the gifts chosen.

By entrusting a company that values careful packaging and handling, customers can rest assured that their lovingly selected gifts will reach the new family looking beautiful and intact, ready to celebrate one of life's most precious milestones.

Celebrating Baby Showers with the Perfect Gift

Baby showers are special occasions that call for equally special gifts. With the aim to pamper the mother-to-be and prepare for the arrival of the little one, a baby gift hamper surfaces as the quintessential choice for a heartfelt celebration. Australian gems like Byron Bay Gifts have honed the art of compiling unique and high-quality gift hampers that are tailor-made for baby showers and newborns. The beauty of choosing such a hamper lies in the ease it offers; brimming with a diverse array of essentials and luxuries, these bundles take the pressure off finding that one perfect item.

Moreover, they include delightful inclusions such as plush toys, soft hooded towels, and practical items that serve new parents well beyond the early weeks. Personalized gifts like knitted baby blankets with the baby's name embroidered offer a lovely keepsake, displaying a level of care and thought that goes beyond the norm. Whether seeking a conventional gift or something that stands apart, baby gift hampers are an all-encompassing solution that celebrates the new chapter for expecting families with style and substance.

Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

The arrival of a little one is a miraculous event, and presenting the mom-to-be with a gift that mirrors this wonder is a joy in itself. Australian minds have crafted an extensive range of creative baby shower presents that touch every aspect of life with a newborn. From ultra-soft muslin swaddles to nurture snug slumbers to nursing products designed for both comfort and convenience, the intent behind each product is to add a touch of luxury to everyday routines.

Organic offerings, including items from Sanctum or Natures Child, resonate with those who prefer a touch of nature's purity for their baby's start in life. Specially designed products like the Animated Peek-a-Boo Bear serve dual purposes of engaging the baby's curiosity while offering the magic of animated toys. For a touch more personal, imagine the smile engendered by a Blush Pink Knitted Personalized Baby Blanket. Each product speaks directly to the heart, ensuring the gift isn't just memorable, but immensely cherished.

Practical and Useful Gifts for New Parents

Entering parenthood is an adventurous rollercoaster, and practical gifts from places like Adairs serve as invaluable companions along the ride. Their range addresses needs both big and small—from nursing products that aid in the journey of bonding to baby swaddles that swaddle new life in warmth and care. In a movement toward more sustainable living and gifting, Byron Bay stands out with its selection of eco-friendly baby gifts that impress on the dual front of style and function.

Putting together a personalized baby hamper is a gesture that whispers of intimate consideration. It allows the giver to tailor a package that aligns with the recipient's preferences and lifestyle. For those aiming to gift with the season in mind, Adairs has got Christmas covered too, with a delightful collection that ensures baby is surrounded by soft, safe, and merry cheer.

Thoughtful and Heartfelt Presents for the Growing Family

A growing family burgeons with love and anticipation, a sentiment beautifully echoed through the giving of baby gift hampers. High-quality offerings from Byron Bay Gifts attest to an understanding of the diversity in celebration, perfect for occasions like baby showers and heralding a newborn's arrival. When a personal touch is primordial, services like One Little Day come to the fore, ensuring that each gift holds a personalized essence, underpinned by exemplary customer service and prompt delivery.

As Christmas rolls around, Adairs Kids presents a lineup of gifts curated to craft magical holiday moments for little ones and their kin. For the family that cradles ethical consumerism close to its heart, Purebaby lays out a selection of organic, thoughtful baby gifts. Each plush toy, item of clothing, or baby essential stands not just as an item but as a promise of comfort, style, and conscientious choice for the infant.

Preparing Gift Hampers and Gift Boxes for Baby Showers

A well-prepared baby gift hamper is the epitome of a thoughtful and well-considered present. It's a gift that offers a bounty of newborn necessities, all encased within a charming box that frequently finds its second life as a keepsake container. These hampers simplify the selection process, bundling together vibrantly patterned teethers, cozy blankets, breathable baby wraps, and the softest clothing designed for newborn comfort.

Companies like Byron Bay Gifts master the craft of assortment, ensuring each hamper meets a standard of excellence and personal preference. To weave in a personal thread, adding an item like a knitted baby blanket, embroidered with the newborn's name, into the mix resonates with sentimentality. Gift hampers underscore the thoughtful acknowledgment of both the joy and demands of new parenthood, making them not just gifts, but lasting tokens of support.

Convenient Options for Delivery and Shipping

When seeking the perfect baby gift, delivery options are key. You'll be pleased to know that a range of convenient shipping services ensures your thoughtful present arrives swiftly and beautifully presented.

Convenient Delivery Services:

  • Express East Coast Delivery: For those in a hurry, our express service reaches most major cities on the East Coast in just 1-2 business days for a nominal $15 fee.
  • Melbourne Same Day Delivery: Need it today? Our same day service extends to over 200 locations in Melbourne, perfect for last-minute gifts.
  • Complimentary Shipping: On orders surpassing $99, we offer free shipping across Australia, adding to the joy of gifting without extra costs.

Customize Your Gift:

  • Build Your Own Hamper: Fancy a personal touch? Our 'Create Your Own' feature lets you curate bespoke baby gifts and hampers tailored to your preferences.
  • Personalised Gift Boxes: All personalized baby gifts are dispatched in elegant gift boxes, adding a refined touch to your special gift and ensuring a delightful unboxing experience.

From the convenience of fast delivery to the luxury of customised options, our services are designed to make the arrival of newborns, baby showers, and special times even more memorable. Enjoy quality gifts, prompt delivery, and the assurance of premium presentation with every order.

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What is included in a Good Day People gift hamper?

When you choose a Good Day People gift hamper for your friend, mum, dad, colleague or anyone for that matter! We pack each Good Day People gift hamper to order. Each gift is full of Australian local goodies which your gift hamper recipient is sure to love. Our wide range of luxury gift hampers include many tasteful elements. With organic Minimum wines, Fern living homewares, Bahen and Co Chocolate and French Veuve Cliquot champagne just to name a few.


What are the best-selling Good Day People gift hampers?

Our most popular range of hampers this season include:

1.     Gourmet Greg – Perfect gourmet gift hamper with savoury treats and delicious wine

2.     Joyous Jordan – With a Luxurious Black Blaze candle, sweet nougat and wine

3.     Jazzy James – Perfect settlement gift with French champagne and homewares

4.     Chiller Charlie – Simple and thoughtful wine, chocolate and tinned candle

5.     Terrific Tony – Whisky tasting flight with chocolate, chilli oil and pork crackle

6.     Refined Ruby – Relax and rewind with bath scrub and salt, wine and candle


What delivery options do we offer?

Shipping options with Good Day People is simple, easy and trackable. We use Australia’s most trusted couriers like Australia Post to ensure it’s a Good Day with safe delivery. Order before 1pm to ensure same day dispatch. Shipping prices vary on the quantity, size and location of each gift. Price is confirmed at checkout. All gifts come with tracking information to your email address to ensure you know where your gift is at to ensure it makes it a Good Day. We do ship to all addresses, PO boxes, and Australia Post locker boxes. We offer the following services for all our gifts:

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Do you ship overseas?

We can offer a range of products and ship to other countries however costs for shipping can prove to be very expensive as shipping fees have additional taxes. Feel free to reach out to for a costing.


Why Good Day People?

Good Day People makes gift hampers that are boutique and unique. Unlike most of our competitors, Good Day People does not white label crap products from other countries but rather source some of the best products from fellow Australian businesses that align to the Good Day People vibe, quality and ethics.


How does Good Day People come packaged?

Good Day People is all about providing a fun and experiential unboxing experience! The majority of our gifts come in our iconic Good Day People branded cannisters with a variety of options to choose from. The canister is then safely and securely packaged into Good Day People recycled paper mailer box. Our min range comes in a small mailer box. A unassuming brown mailer box, but once opened the fun and vibrant brand of Good Day People is revealed. Some of our larger range is sent in our premium luxury gift boxes. A white magnetic box and then packaged into a mailer box.


Does my gift come with a gift card message?

All our gifts come with a free custom personalised message that is added to our Good Day People card. Gift messages and greeting cards are limited to 100 words.


Do you send tax receipts in the gifts?

No, we never send any receipts to in our gifts. All tax receipts are sent via email to the customer.


Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes, we sure do! We can offer custom packaging for a print and design setup fee of $550. We recommend to order a minimum of 50 units to make it viable. Our gift boxes are customisable for order of 100 or more.


How much are Good Day People gift hampers and Gift Boxes?

We believe making it a Good Day doesn’t need to break the bank. We have gifts that fit every budget. With gifts from as low as $35 to $450, we are sure to make it a Good Day not only for your gift recipient but also your wallet.


Can I customise my own hamper or swap items?

With thousands of different mixes and matches, we know there may be times you want to customise or swap out items. We are more than happy to help with this. Please send your request to or via our online chat and we will be back in touch with options.


Are your gift suitable for people with dietary requirements?

We understand people have some different dietary requirements, so any gifts which are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan will be clearly labelled as such and use certified gluten free products. For the rest of our hampers, as we do not manufacture our products in house we are not able to 100% guarantee an item will not contain traces of gluten, nuts, dairy and so on. However, all of the items in our hampers are individually packaged with all ingredient information required.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we sure do! We get that choosing a gift for people can be overwhelming so why not give a gift where they can choose their own? Our gift vouchers are perfect for that person you don’t know what to get or if you’ve left it too late and needing a gift in literally seconds!


Do you offer corporate Gift Hampers?

Yes, we sure do! We can handle corporate orders, and we can personalise corporate hampers too. For more information, please reach out to our corporate team at Good Day People gift hampers make great corporate gifts because they suit a wide variety of people of all ages. They also spoil your gift recipient because they wouldn't usually buy the items in hampers for themselves. They're the perfect gift for Christmas, EOFY, promotions, settlement gifts, project milestones, and corporate clients.