Buying gifts for large parties seems to be becoming an increasingly difficult feat. There are dietaries, intolerances and allergies to watch out for…so that rules out most perishables. Do you know some people are even allergic to fragranced candles?! What an obstacle. So buying corporate gift hampers, for example, could turn into a logistical nightmare! 

We’d like to think our vast collections of hampers are inclusive of all pesky limitations such as these. Wanna put this to the test? We’ll lead the way, and take you through a selection of our hampers that are accommodating to dietaries, intolerances, and personal preferences! 


With so many people not keen to put an animal on their plate these days, providing hamper options for vegans was really just a good business decision. Find a few below that, we swear, are completely cow, pig, ox tongue, burrata, and aged cheddar free!

Vegan Megan Gift Hamper: is for those who love knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this deliciousness! Packed with a Maison Blanche candle, Minimum vegan red, Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamias, and Good Day Chocolate, maybe our animal-avoidant folks are on to something…

Beery Barry Gift Hamper: both dairy free and vegan, this is the perfect hamper for anyone who quantifies a good time by how many tinnies they’ve been able to knock back! Very one track minded, Beery Barry includes four tinnies; one from four different breweries from around Australia, and Wondaree Roasted Salted Macadamias. 


Getting white girl wasted is not everyone’s idea of a good time! Thankfully, this is a really good time to be invested in sobriety; the alcohol-free beverage industry is going gang busters! We’ve capitalised, obviously, and include some top notch brands in a wide selection of hampers! Here are just a few:

Chrissy Missy Gift Hamper: perfect time of year for this alcohol-free hamper! Whether it’s for your formerly drunk uncle, or for an end of year corporate gift, hampers from Good Day People like this one cater to any one who has a distaste for alcohol. The star of the show is a bottle of Ghiddy Pet Not, accompanied with Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, Bahen & Co Jingle Bell Choc, and Breramilano Panettone. 


Humorous Henry Gift Hamper: the Banks Botanicals Non-alcoholic Spirit means that the recipient can look like they’re gettin’ on it without actually gettin’ on it. Also included is a two-pack of Midnight Mixers Tonic, Travel Candle, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, and a Makoto jigger. 

Gluten Free:

For a long time, people have associated gluten free with enjoyment free! And for a long time, that may have been true. Thankfully restaurants and vendors have come a long way in terms of accomodating people who have intolerances to gluten. We’ve made sure to include some of the best goods from local vendors, so you can have your gluten free cake and eat it too!

Dependable Dave Gift Hamper: this hamper is so packed with goodies that you won’t even miss the gluten! Starting with Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, Fleurieu olives, Nuts-About Garlic & Rosemary cashews, Falwasser Natural Charcoal Crispbread, and four tinnies from breweries around Australia. 

Relaxed Rachel Gift Hamper: being gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the good things in life! This one’s got all the self-care sh*t you could possibly want. We’ve gone heavy on the Addition Studio, including the Incense Set, Clay Mask Set, Eye Pad, Bath Soak, and Body Scrub. The Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate, and two A Glass Of (Wine)s finish off this luxury hamper with gluten free flare.  

Immitation is the highest form of flattery, so check out this selection of hampers curated by, for more gift ideas to give you a broader idea of the options available to you. It might inspire you to assemble your own!