Product Spotlight

You may notice that we use a lot of the same goods across our extensive range of hampers. Despite what you may be thinking, this is not a result of laziness or a general lack of resources. The stuff is genuinely just that good! All made from Aussie vendors who are passionate about their products, it is easy to incorporate the best of Australian-made goods in our hampers!

You may recognise some, but not others. So we thought we’d put a spotlight on some brands and products that you will see feature in many of our hampers, so you know exactly why we have such a strong sense of loyalty toward them!

Somekind Press: Pie Thief

Find it strange that a book features in some of our hampers? Let us explain. Pie Thief is a book released by Somekind Press during (and as a result of) the pandemic. The page-turner details the endeavours of two entrepreneurs: Aaron Donato and Scott Blomfield, whose shared love of pies became the inspiration behind the establishment of the Footscray-located pie shop. 

Its 2019 establishment became the eventual reason behind and synopsis of the book, as the guys navigated a new business in an industry that took a real hit during the pandemic that quickly followed.

With mouth-watering recipes included, this book gives insight into the first year in the (ongoing) lifespan of a small food business. This, and many other books published by Somekind Press are released in order to support the hospitality industry at large, particularly during the pandemic. 

You will find Pie Thief in Good Day People hampers like Lovable Luisa and Mini Martha. Both can be found under the Thank You hampers collection on our drop-down menu!

Bahen & Co chocolate

You will be hard-pressed to find a Good Day People hamper without a block of Bahen & Co chocolate in it - and with good reason! We are such fans of this Western Australian-created chocolate, that we even collaborated with them to develop Good Day chocolate. You will find an exotic array of flavours in our hampers, including Guatemala 75% Cacao, Organic Milk Chocolate, Madagascar 70% Cacao, Raspberry & Rose, Columbian Coffee, and Good Day Chocolate. 

Chocolate factory owners, Jacqui and Josh Bahen, have an ethos for a slow and simplistic operation that respects flavour and connects back to the source. Stone ground chocolate: from bean to bar. 

You can find Bahen & Co chocolate in Good Day People hampers like Caffeine Darlene, Vegan Megan, Serene Irene, Dependable Dave, Entertaining Ella, Sweet Sunny and Tequila Tom. Yeah we weren’t kidding…like, all of them. 

Maya Sunny Honey

You’ll find no Tall Poppy Syndrome around here! We are proud to support Andrew and his passion project by stocking many of our hampers with his incomparable honey products! Maya Sunny Honey is handcrafted in Mudgee region, NSW, so that any hamper you choose that contains the product is guaranteed to be packed with the nutritional properties that come with honey in its purest form. 

Within our hampers, you’ll find the Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch, which is 100% raw Yellow Box Honey with raw macadamias. It’s the perfect honey product for any nutty sweet tooth!

Spoil the recipient of your hamper with Maya Sunny Honey products in hampers like Gourmet Greg, Jazzy James, Easygoing Eleanor, Sensible Steve, and Sweet Sunny. Found across a range of our collections; from Birthday and Anniversary to Thank You hampers, it’s one of many of our quality products that you’ve come to expect from our hampers! 

One small Aussie business supporting other small Aussie businesses around the country. We are spoilt for choice and will continue to fill our hampers with only the most quality goods!