Mini Range, Maximum Satisfaction

As Good Day People, we’ve built up a name for ourselves for creating fun, generously stocked hampers that are packaged up in equally as fun tubes…’cause we turn our noses up at wicker baskets. The market research is in (we didn’t actually do any), and hampers that come in baskets are as outdated as butterfly hair clips. And as with butterfly hair clips, we’re happy to see them remain firmly in the nineties! But while we have had a ball making up these hampers full of quality goods, we understand that their grandeur can sometimes be greater than the occasion calls for.  

So do you think we’ve brought this to your attention to move on and do absolutely nothing about it?! I hope you know us better than that! For those who require all the good stuff that Good Day People has its grubby little hands on, but without the obnoxious magnitude of our existing hampers, we have rustled up a collection of mini hampers that will come in a more conveniently sized box. 

Come, let us introduce you to the collection thus far!

Boxie Roxie packs a punch. For a crisp pineapple (although please don’t try and pay for your hamper in cash!), you are gifting a bottle of Foxtail Negroni, Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate, a packet of Fluffe and Addition Studio Bath Soak. The brownie points you would glean from gifting this baby, far surpasses the minuscule dent it would make in your wallet!

Mini Martha is a great little gift for anyone in your life! This hamper contains a Foxtail Negroni, Pie Thief (a book published by SomeKind to support the hospitality industry), and a packet of Nuts-About garlic and rosemary cashews. For $50, this is satisfaction guaranteed - for both your wallet and the recipient!

‘Lucky’ is an apt word for anyone who is gifted our Lucky Lydia hamper! With a Foxtail Negroni, Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate, and a packet of Fluffe, you’ll make anyone’s day with this compact package! For $35, Lucky Lydia is absolute bang for buck, and the pocket rocket of our range! 

Pamper Penny is as Pamper Penny does. Gifting this mini hamper will force its recipient to carve out some ‘me time’ in their day to be (surprise, surprise) pampered! Her contents include Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub, and a Travel Candle. At $45, she’s a winner…we promise!

Gifting Gail is not for the diabetic! She counts calories as a hobby, and will turn you into a calorie counting pro too! Her contents include Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat (say that three times backwards!), Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate, a Travel Candle, and a packet of Fluffe. At $50, sweet dreams are truly made of this! 

Christmas time…mistletoe (Mike) and wine. Obviously, we haven’t forgotten about Christmas! Mistletoe Mike will sit very nicely under the Christmas tree, or as one of the many Secret Santa presents you are forced to participate in every year! Contents include a Pud Christmas Pudding, Animus Gin Bauble, and Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate. At $50, everyone’s happy about this one.

There is opportunity to add more from our range of goods into any of the gift hampers from our Mini Range! You can check out the possible add ons available to include underneath the contents breakdown of every hamper. 

Nothing to underestimate about these gift hampers! Mini in size, magnanimous in personality. As the saying goes, you should never judge a hamper by its size! And besides, I was always told size didn’t matter…?