Inspired by Melbourne

Far be it for Australians to knock back an opportunity for a bit of friendly competition. One of the longest lasting over the years has been between Sydney and Melbourne for the winner of the superior city. It’s not difficult to see why it’s been so difficult to award a winner! Sydney has some of the best beaches in the world, the harbour (and its bridge), a vibrant nightlife, and a great culinary array. And Melbourne: a Mecca for creativity, culture, food…and a pretty good nightlife of its own!

As a Sydney-born business, we get that it’s a tough call. The coffee that’s brewed within your four proverbial city walls is arguably some of the best in the world (and really, I don’t know who’s arguing with that). But if you’re hitting up Brother Baba Budan for your daily caffeine hit, frequenting Lygon Street every time there’s a social event or something to celebrate…..surely that gets old? 

We’re not here to cast a vote either way, but we will take you through a selection of hampers Melbourne would be proud to feel represented by! We work with some pretty top notch vendors and small businesses who believe in the quality of their product. We’re not ones to let a good thing pass us by, so we’ve crammed them all into hampers that are brimming with personality and begging to be gifted!

So check out these hampers Melbourne would definitely approve of!

Gourmet Greg: Is a nod to the culinary offerings of one of the food capitals of Australia. It’s no Italian on Lygon Street, but as far as condiments go, these are some great ones to have in the pantry. Drunken Sailor Beetroot & Gin relish, Olson’s X Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, Bramble & Hedge Chai, Wild Fig & Raspberry nougat, Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch, and a bottle of Minimum wine. 

Warm Whitney: you have to admit, Melbourne, that Sydney has better weather. For the cold and miserable nights that are an all-too-regular Melbourne occurrence, Warm Whitney is a great hamper to make ‘em a little less miserable. The hamper includes a bottle of Minimum red wine, a Mulled Wine Kit, Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate, and a Travel candle.

Jazzy James: will match the cultural standard that Melbourne I known for! Packed with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Brut, Wondaree Macadamias, Bahen & Co Madagascar chocolate, Mr and Mrs White cowhide coasters (x4), and Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch. No shame in being fancy!

Caffeine Darlene: pays homage to the sophisticated coffee culture and nightlife of Melbourne! With two cans of ST. Ali cold brew, two cans of Mr Black espresso martini, Wondaree macadamias, and a block of Bahen & Co Colombian Coffee chocolate, we’ve got a taste of the best of Melbourne in a hamper!

Brewing Braden: In one of our newer budget-friendly range of hampers, we have included two cans of Mr Black Espresso Martini’s, a block of Bahen & Co Colombian Coffee chocolate, and a Travel candle.

Gin Jenny: feel like you’re on one of your city’s fancy rooftop bars without having to leave your lounge room with this hamper. This one is perfect for a girls’ night in, with a bottle of Australian Distilling Co Sydney gin, a four-pack of StrangeLove tonic, and Wondaree macadamias. 

Brunchin’ Betty: now there’s one competition that I think Sydney and Melbourne would tie in: and that is who does brunch better. So wherever you are in the country, do it the way Sydney and Melbourne do it, with Adelia vanilla bean pancake mix, Escuminac pure maple syrup, Misty’s salted caramel, and your choice between Mayde English Breakfast tea, or two cans of ST. Ali cold brew.