Hey Sydney, Time to De-Activate Our Superiority Complex

There’s a lot to love about Sydney. Granted, anyone who can afford to live here likely lives in a shoebox; it is becoming increasingly impossible to afford anything else! With a subliminal (sometimes not-so subliminal) sense of superiority over people who live anywhere but Sydney, we will continue to forfeit reasonably-priced housing, quiet roads, untouched stretches of land, small town community feel and limitless free parking, just so that we can keep calling the beautiful city home. 

Along with an obnoxious sense of superiority about where we live, is a corresponding sense of superiority about anything that comes out of Sydney. We take a lot of pride in the kinds of products that come out of Sydney-based small businesses. We will tell you we have the best roasted coffee beans anywhere in the country, and the best brewed beer anywhere. Truth is, we’ve barely tried any kind that didn’t originate from our enviable location. It might be time that we humbled ourselves enough to realise that there are some world-class goods to come out of every corner of Australia. We, at Good Day People have cottoned on to their appeal, and couldn’t help but include them in our hampers!  

There may be an intrinsic sense of superiority about being a Sydney-dweller, but most of us have had to sacrifice our soul to maintain residency in the capital city. So do the Melbournites, Radelaidians, and  Get the last laugh for living in a part of Australia that does not cost them their firstborn child, or can we really have it all?

While we may not be able to answer this question verbatim, we reckon Good Day People brings you that much closer to having your cake and eating it too. Because yes, Bahen & Co is a Victoria-based business, but GDP will save you the trip by incorporating it into many of our hampers on site. And don’t think you have to venture all the way to Mudgee to get your hands on a tub of Maya Sunny Honey sticky hand-crafted goodness, GDP has cottoned on to its home-harvested charm, and is including it in its hampers like it’s going out of style. 

Let’s show you a few really good reasons to check out our hampers Sydney! We’ll probably be working with some businesses you’ve heard of, and some you are yet to discover. 

You cannot visit (or live in) Sydney without adopting its coffee lifestyle. St. Ali is a renowned coffee roaster from Melbourne (another national coffee hotspot), that you will find in many of our hampers. Check out Brunchin’ Betty, Caffeine Darlene, and Licor Lucy to fuel Sydney’s most popular addiction. (Ok, that statistic is completely made up.)

StrangeLove is another Melbourne-based business that is worthy of the hype! Its low-cal yuzu soda is particularly rave-able; perfect either on its own or as a mixer with your favourite vodka or gin. It is included in our Tokyo Todd hamper.

Maya Sunny Honey is handcrafted in the Mudgee region of NSW. You will find the business’ delicious Macadamia Crunch honey in our Gourmet Greg, Jazzy James, and Tranquil Tracy hampers.

We’re nuts about Wondaree’s macadamia nuts (ok, that wasn’t a good joke but as if you would have resisted the urge to make it!). Grown in Tolga Queensland, if macadamias are your protein snack of choice then get your hands on our Addictive Alex, Beery Barry, or Wicked Wilson hamper!

Don’t miss out on our hampers, Sydney. You can sample some of the best produce the country has to offer from the comfort of your expensive shoebox (or ocean-side mansion - we don’t claim to know the economic status of our clientele!). Let them eat cake, we say. So keep your inordinately over-priced dwelling places for now, Sydney-siders, while we bring you the best of Australia’s small business vendors in one fun and compact hamper.