Like Donald Trump, birthdays are something people seem to either love…or hate. Also like Donald Trump, they’re nothing if not consistent. No one is exempt from a birthday! Thankfully, we have a hamper that will suit anyone, from a birthday lover to a birthday deny-er! 

Let’s indulge our people with a birthday gift box…something they’ve likely never received before! Check out these hampers that are worthy of both your celebration-prone and celebration-avoidant people:

Birthday Month Britney

Surely most of us can agree that stretching birthday celebrations out for a month is a little…excessive. No? We stand alone as birthday grinches? Fair enough. Look, we’re not here to tell you how or how long to celebrate! 

Someone get this girl a balloon! While we may not stock them in any of our birthday hampers, Lavish Lizzie has some other real cool sh*t! Worthy of her equally lavish, celebration-loving recipient, this birthday gift box is heavily inspired by the incomparable cuisine of Italy! With Saturday Night Pasta Pipette, Saturday Night Pasta Home Base Sauce, Mount Zero Olives and 2x A Glass Of (Wine).

Humorous Henry is committed to good times, generosity (isn’t it funny how generous you become on the bottle?), and waking up a little dusty the next morning…or afternoon. Sound like someone you know? They’re the ones who are still celebrating their Febuary birthday in October! This hamper is stocked with a bottle of gin or non-alcoholic spirit, 2x Midnight Mixers tonics, a Travel candle, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel nougat, and a Makoto jigger. So gift this hamper to its lucky recipient and invite yourself over for a night that - if done right - you won’t remember!


Indifferent Eileen

Know some people who could take or leave a birthday…or any chance to celebrate themselves? We do! Just because they’re largely indifferent to celebrating themselves, doesn’t mean we have to be! Here is a selection of Good Day People hampers that might even reignite the spark that birthdays used to have for them:

Terrific Tony is gonna put the magic right back into birthdays! Packed to the rafters with goodies like White Possum Whisky or Gin Flight, Little Greeves Chilli Oil, Tiger Buck Beef Jerky, Huff & Puff Pork Crackle, and Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, there is nothing to hate about this token of celebration!

If they’re casual about their birthdays, maybe they’ll appreciate a hamper that mirrors this lackadaisical approach to life. Casual Clare delivers casual in spades, with a bottle of gin or non-alcoholic spirit, 2x Midnight Mixers tonics, Wondaree Macadamias, and 4x Anvil Hide Leather Coasters. 

Grinchy Greg

Grinches don’t just come out at Christmas! There are many among us who are birthday (and aging) adverse! All the more reason to dig our heels in and give our loved ones a celebration they aren’t willing to give themselves! Check out these hampers to find a birthday gift box fitting for anyone…including your grinchy friends! 

Restful Rosie is the perfect compromise for your friends who don’t want a fuss made about them. Whilst being one of our more compact hampers, she isn’t stingy in goods! This hamper still packs a punch with a Black Blaze Seaweed Candle, Bahen & Co chocolate, a packet of Fluffe fairy floss, and Addition Studio Bath Soak. They can celebrate - or commiserate - their birthday in the bliss of solitude! 

Magic Matt is the perfect hamper to inject some…well, magic, back into the occasion! 2x A Glass Of (Wine)s, 2x Black Blaze Pillar Candles, and Bahen & Co Madagascar Chocolate will be enough to tip its recipient over to the dark - aka birthday-loving - side!

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