It’s 2023, and the world has been suddenly split in half by their preference between two very different, but equally anticipated cinematic spectacles that had the same opening weekend. It used to be politics, and religion, and whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black that divided us in opinion across geographical borders. Now, it’s whether you prioritised the viewing of Barbie or Oppenheimer on the films’ opening weekend. 

Whether it was Dua Lipa or Cillian Murphy that you were tripping over yourself to see on the big screen, we reckon we can point you in the direction of a Good Day People hamper that will correspond with your choice of film! Let’s run through a few of ‘em:

Team Barbie:

Ok…so if you identify as a doll but [you] still wanna party (Nicki Minaj putting words to how we all feel), then check out these hampers that will have you swapping your Birks for heels and entertaining oppressive thoughts of death at inconvenient times (you gotta see the movie to get that reference!):

Rosy Rebecca contains all things pink! These include a bottle of rosé (obviously), Bahen & Co Raspberry and Rose chocolate, a Travel candle, and a packet of Fluffe! Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

Barbie gets tired too, you know! She can’t always be ‘on’. When it’s time to flick the ‘off’ switch and have some downtime, Zen Gwen is gonna come to the non-party! She contains a bottle of wine (red, white, pet nat or rosé of your choosing), Addition Studio incense set, Bahen & Co Raspberry and Rose chocolate, and Bramble & Hedge Chai Wild Fig and Raspberry Nougat.

So finally, after all these years, we finally got clarity around what Ken’s job actually is: beach. Don’t actually feel any more knowledgeable about it? Yeah fair enough, us too! While Ken is beach-ing for a living, Barbie is gonna be within a reassuring distance with her Beachy Bella hamper! With a Turkish towel, 4x Poor Toms cans, Good Day chocolate, We Feel Good sunscreen, and Fluffe fairy floss, she can keep herself preoccupied while Ken is hard at work!


Team Oppenheimer:

If historical dramas are more your jam, then the retelling of the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s involvement in the Manhattan Project during WWII was probably where you found yourself on the film’s opening weekend. We’ve got gift boxes Sydney to Germany to the US will have an affinity to! Check out a few that closely correlate with the themes of the film and the time in history:

As the unofficial drink of the Second World War, the Whisky Wayne hamper is tailor-made for you Oppenheimer-ites (that’s definitely not a word). Aside from a bottle of Nikki Whisky, this hamper contains a Makoto jigger, Wondaree macadamias, and Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate. The only thing it’s missing is a quality Cuban cigar!

Nocturnal Nick has got something a little broody about him. Containing an Anvil Hide Togichi key fob, Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate, Nikka whisky, Wondaree macadamias, and Drunken Sailor Beetroot and Gin relish, this is for the person who has a giant map of the world on a wall in their basement, with pins indicating their next moves—in battle or travel! 

Granted, Yankee Frankie is not one of those gift boxes Sydney would feel represented by, but J. Robert Oppenheimer sure would! Contents include Tiger Buck beef jerky, Wondaree macadamias, Fluffe fairy floss, Kings County Distillery Straight Bourbon Whisky, Good Day chocolate, and Huff & Puff pork crackle. Who’s to say Tiger Buck beef jerky wasn’t the fuel that caused him to earn the title, “father of the atomic bomb”? 

As an aside, if you’re wondering how cinemas make money and if we are paying too much for our movie tickets, this is an interesting article Beyond Barbie and Oppenheimer that addresses these questions.